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“They really deeply have each other’s backs. They’re kind of old war buddies. It’s just annoying how much pesky sexual chemistry they also seem to have from time to time.”

– Clark Gregg, discussing Agent Coulson and Agent May on Agents of SHIELD.

“…there was a strange advisor on the set from the Vatican, and he was a priest. He was quite shocked at the way in the scenes that Moses had to speak with God that I wasn’t on the ground with my hands together, speaking in a hushed voice. But I was arguing with him…And this guy was like, “You must pray. You must—“ and I said, “Get out of here!” I’m talking to my buddy. I’m having a row with the boss!”

– Ben Kingsley dealing with matters of religion on set.

“I didn’t like the script.”

– Antoine Fuqua on why he isn’t directing Olympus Has Fallen 2

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“Selfishly, I’d like to see him become evil just because I want to be evil. [Laughs] But I’d like to see him take over the White Walkers or something. I think that would be fun.”

– Isaac Hempstead Wright on his Game of Thrones wishes for Bran.

“Possibly. I know on set, they were talking about ‘oh, a sequel’ or something. That would be way down the road, because this one we just finished. So, [I’m] not even thinking about that again. But they could be thinking about it. That would be fun.”

– Elle Fanning on the possibility of Maleficent 2.

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