Resident Evil Village Story Details Revealed by Capcom

Capcom talks about Chris Redfield, village lore, and more in a new interview about Resident Evil Village's plot.

Resident Evil Village
Photo: Capcom

In an interview with Weekly Famitsu Magazine (as translated by Resident Evil researcher Alex Aniel) Capcom producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano reveal new information about Resident Evil Village‘s enemies, story, and setting.

The interview doesn’t give away a lot of details we didn’t already know or suspected to be true, but it does feature a few interesting pieces of information for what has thus far been a very mysterious project. That’s especially true of Chris Redfield who was mentioned far more often in this interview than he’s been talked about in any of the official descriptions of Resident Evil Village that we’ve seen in the past.

For instance, Capcom confirms that the figure we see in Resident Evil Village is, in fact, Chris Redfield. Fans previously suspected that the Redfield featured in the game’s debut trailer could be an imposter given his drastically altered appearance and the fact he appears to kill a pretty significant character who was previously presumed to be innocent.

While Capcom doesn’t explain that scene or Redfield’s slightly new look, they do reveal that Redfield is actually the one who takes Ethan to the game’s mysterious village. That would seem to suggest that he essentially assigns Ethan to go to the village on some kind of a mission, but again, the team isn’t sharing the specifics of that arrangement quite yet.

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Speaking of the village, Capcom says that it will play a major role in the game and even describe it (according to the translation) as “another protagonist.” The meaning of that phrase seems to be similar to how Martin Scores describes New York City as one of the protagonists of his films, but the idea that the villagers and village will play as much of a role in the story as Ethan himself is fascinating.

Here’s a few other random reveals discussed during the interview:

  • Mia’s picture book (and the “picture book art style” moments we see during the trailer) will come into play during the game.
  • Those werewolves we see in the trailer are not only intelligent (they can even wield weapons) but they move in packs. Yikes.
  • Capcom doesn’t confirm the merchant-like figure in the recent trailer is the same character from Resident Evil 4, but they do say that he’s someone who Ethan will depend on.
  • The cult-like behavior and appearances of the villagers are briefly mentioned, but Capcom hints that their prayers may be meant to protect and not harm.

Again, none of these reveals are mind-blowing, but considering how excited we are for this game after the success of the brilliant Resident Evil 7, we wouldn’t want to learn too much about its plot ahead of Village‘s debut sometime next year.