Resident Evil Village Trailer Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

From vampires to goats, these are just some of the Easter eggs you may not have noticed in the first trailer for Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village
Photo: Capcom

It was only a matter of time until Capcom decided to follow-up on the brilliant Resident Evil 7 with a new mainline entry in the franchise, but we were still stunned when we saw the debut trailer for Resident Evil Village.

While Capcom is remaining quiet regarding the specifics of this sequel’s story, eagle-eyed fans of the franchise may have already spotted several points of interest in the first Resident Evil Village trailer which not only hint at what is to come but lay the foundation for what could be the scariest Resident Evil game yet.

Here are just some of the smaller (but fascinating) Easter eggs that we spotted in the Resident Evil Village trailer.

Babies Are Present Throughout the Trailer

Resident Evil Village Baby

Watch the Resident Evil Village trailer a few times (as you should) and you can’t help but notice that babies appear quite often throughout the preview. While some references are more subtle (such as the reading of an apparent children’s story at the beginning), we do clearly see a woman holding a baby at one point.

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We have two possible takeaways regarding this recurring theme. The first is that the game’s villains are likely kidnapping babies and children as part of a ritual. The second concerns a rumor we’ve heard that Ethan and Mia had a child after the events of Resident Evil 7. It could be that the disappearance of their child triggers the start of this adventure.

A Mysterious Symbol Makes Several Apperances

Resident Evil Village symbol

Speaking of children, there are several times throughout the Resident Evil Village trailer where a symbol with what appears to be a fetus in the middle is clearly displayed. One such instance prominently showcases a crafted version of the symbol resting atop a large gate, but there are a couple more times that we see what appears to be a chalk-drawn version of that same symbol.

Working off our above theory, we suspect that this symbol is somehow related to the game’s villainous witches and their rituals. Speaking of witches…

Witches, Werewolves, and…Vampires?

Reisdent Evil Village Vampire

Common sense and persistent rumors suggest that Resident Evil Village will feature witches in a prominent role. We also get a pretty clear glimpse at what appears to be a werewolf-like creature during the game’s first trailer. However, there’s also reason to believe that vampires (or a variation of them) may appear in the game.

For instance, there’s a scene in the trailer in which Ethan is confronted by a woman who seems to have quite a bit of blood around her lips and appears to have just bitten Ethan’s wrist. The framing of the shot and the nature of the blood pattern strongly suggest that she was feeding off of him in some way.

Is That Not Mia?

Resident Evil Village Mia

In one of the most notable sequences in the Resident Evil Village trailer, we see an odd-looking version of Chris Redfield executing a woman who certainly seems to look like Mia (Ethan’s wife from Resident Evil 7 who escapes with him in the canonical ending of the game). The bizarre nature of this scene has led some to suggest that snippet of the game is actually a dream.

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However, it’s also possible that the woman we see in that part of the trailer isn’t actually Mia. That theory is supported by the opening of the game in which “Mia” reads a fairy tale in a manner that seems almost supernatural and inhuman.

Ethan and Mia Probably Live Near the Village (But Not In It)

Resident Evil Village Ethan and Mia

While there hasn’t been any official confirmation of the above theory, a few points in the trailer suggest that the titular village of this game is not where Mia and Ethan live.

First off, it’s pretty clear that things have gone wrong in the village to such a degree that we can’t imagine anyone choosing to move there. Second, the aesthetics of the home Mia and Ethan seem to be living in at the beginning of the trailer don’t necessarily match the more rustic setting of the village.

Finally, the story that Mia is reading in the beginning of the trailer suggests some kind of journey through the woods to a mysterious destination. This is likely a thematic reference to the journey that Ethan will seemingly embark on.

Is the Village in Europe?

Resident Evil Village Eurpe

It’s pretty clear that Resident Evil Village has abandoned the Louisiana setting of the previous game, but our best guess is that the game doesn’t take place in America at all.

While the general design of the village hints at that possibility, the strongest indicator that the series has gone international occurs near the beginning of the trailer when Mia says that the story she’s reading is “just a local tale.” It’d be somewhat unusual for an American couple to use that phrasing in relation to another region of America.

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Another Spencer Mansion?

Resident Evil Village Spencer

A wide shot of the village in the Resident Evil trailer reveals that it is overlooked by a giant mansion/castle. We seemingly see the interior of that home later on when we catch a brief glimpse of some lavish decor in the apparent residence of the “witches.”

Our current theory is that the castle is another piece of Spencer property. Not only does it resemble the interior of the mansion in the original Resident Evil, but we know that there are several pieces of Spencer real estate across the world. Working off our above theory, this could be the new Resident Evil universe’s take on the family’s European property.

The Umbrella Logo

Resident Evil Village Umbrella

At one point in the trailer, the Umbrella logo is clearly engraved in the center of a large, stylized stone object. It’s surrounded by various other symbols which include a horse, a mermaid, the sun, and a mysterious fourth icon.

Clearly, this indicates that Umbrella will play a role in the game, but we’re at a bit of a loss concerning what the presence of that symbol in this context could indicate. For what it’s worth, this object is a dead ringer for the design of certain old-school RE puzzles.

The Bugs Return

Resident Evil Village Bugs

Some of the more memorable (and scary) moments of Resident Evil 7 were based around the fate of Marguerite Baker who had seemingly gained the ability to create and control various insets. It’s certainly worth noting, then, that we see another woman in the Resident Evil Village trailer who is clearly surrounded by a swarm of insects.

While the use of insects in this latest trailer could be based on nothing more than the fact that bugs are creepy, the similarities are too strong to not at least suggest that this could be a connection between the two titles.

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The Black Goat

Resident Evil Village Goat

This is potentially a small Easter egg that was put in the trailer for a laugh, but at one point during the preview, we see a quick shot of a black goat followed by several close-up images of an older, witch-like woman.

While this series of images may prove to have a deeper meaning, our initial read was that this is a reference to the 2015 horror film, The Witch. Without getting into spoilers, that movie’s plot dealt heavily with a goat and…well…witches.

A Protective Skull

Resident Evil Village Skull

We don’t normally associate skulls in horror games with anything good, but it’s worth noting that there are a few instances in the Resident Evil Village trailer in which seemingly heroic characters are shown in close proximity to an almost animalistic skull.

By far the most fascinating appearance of this skull happens about midway through the trailer where we see a statue of a woman holding a shield that features a skull at its center. Later in the trailer, we see an elaborate door which appears to feature a carving of the woman in the statue holding the same shield and battling a demonic creature.

Ethan Gets Shot?

Resident Evil Village Ethan

There’s an incredibly strange scene in the Resident Evil Village trailer in which Ethan opens a curtain only to be met with the blast of a shotgun wielded by an elderly villager. Based on the framing of the sequence and how shotguns tend to work, there is almost no chance that Ethan wasn’t at least partially hit by the blast.

This could just be an issue of awkward production values, but if you want to read more into this, then it’s also possible that Ethan could somehow be infected by the “mold” in the previous game which may have granted him a form of regeneration.

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