Red Dead Online Update Revealed Following Clown Protests

Red Dead Online is finally receiving an update after months of waiting and player protests.

Red Dead Online
Photo: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online is finally set to receive an update after fans became so upset by a lack of progress that they began dressing as clowns in protest.

According to Rockstar, this upcoming Red Dead Online update will include a new Outlaw Pass as well as a new Frontier Pursuit. The details on both those updates are somewhat scarce at the moment, but it was noted that the Outlaw Pass will include “tons of community-requested features and fixes, and much more to play and discover in the months to come.”

The new Frontier Pursuit, meanwhile, will “introduce players to the secrets of naturalism as part of an all-new Role.” Again, Rockstar doesn’t share many more details beyond that brief blurb, but their description (and an accompanying picture posted on the blog) does hint at some kind of survivalist play style that will likely emphasize hunting.

The really good news is that players won’t have to wait long to try these updates out for themselves. The next Red Dead Online update (as well as an update for GTA Online) is currently scheduled to be released on Tuesday, July 28. Furthermore, Rockstar has teased big upcoming updates for Red Dead Online which will include “exciting new extensions and augmentations to an existing role.”

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Those updates sound nice despite how little we currently know about them, but the real news here is that Red Dead Online is receiving an update at all.

As we mentioned at the start of this article, it hasn’t exactly been a bountiful time for Red Dead Online content. In fact, it’s been months since the game received a content update or even an update from Rockstar regarding their plans for the game.

That prolonged silence recently inspired many Red Dead Online players to begin dressing as clowns in-game in order to clearly relay their disappointment over the lack of even verbal updates from Rockstar. Logic dictates that this upcoming update was likely in development long before the protests began, but it’s not unreasonable to suggest that the Red Dead team felt compelled to share this information as quickly as possible in an effort to help appease the, admittedly intimidating, army of clowns which has sprung up across the game’s servers.

In any case, it’s nice to know that Rockstar has returned to supporting Red Dead Online as they continue to help grow GTA Online and inch closer towards the seemingly inevitable reveal of GTA 6.