MultiVersus: Best Perks and Builds For Every Character

Even the best MultiVersus fighters are nothing without the right perks. Here's a look at some of the best character builds in the game.

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that MultiVersus is defined by the quality of its roster. After all, that’s true of pretty much every fighting game. However, as we’ve previously discussed, MultiVersus roster of licensed characters is no mere gimmick. Every character in the game was designed to function as a fighter, and making the most out of their abilities means choosing the right perks for the right character builds.

Actually, MultiVersus‘ perk system is one of those mechanics that really lets you appreciate how much work went into this game. It’s the kind of elaborate character-building system that allows dedicated players to optimize their chosen fighters. Of course, it can also be a somewhat complicated system that could easily confuse those who are simply looking for the good time that MultiVersus otherwise provides.

It is with both those groups in mind that we offer a brief look at some of the current best perks and character builds in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus: Best Arya Stark Perks and Build

Signature: Betrayal

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Perk 1: Second Wind Beneath Your Wings

Perk 2: Up, Up, and A-Slay

Perk 3: Lumpy Space Punch

Betrayal really does seem to be Arya’s best Signature perk. The ability to buff both you and your ally is not only valuable on its own but it supports everything else this build is trying to do. 

The rest of these perks are all about maximizing your air uptime and damage. There are actually a few air-based perks you can go with, but I generally recommend focusing on an air-based strategy. Arya shines in flight, and any perks you could choose to help grant her additional ground damage wouldn’t really compensate for her relative deficiencies as a straight-ahead fighter. 

MultiVersus: Best Batman Perks and Build

Signature: Bouncerang

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Perk 1: Hit ‘Em While They’re Down

Perk 2: Aerial Acrobat

Perk 3: Up, Up, and A-Slay 

Bouncerang is absolutely Batman’s best Signature at the moment. Few things in (MultiVersus) life are better than being able to apply a full stack of debuffs to an enemy just by hitting them with a rebounding Batarang. 

The rest of this build is designed to enhance the things that Batman is already trying to do. Hit ‘Em While They’re Down is a natural companion piece to Bouncerang, while Aerial Acrobat makes the most out of Batman’s incredible mobility. Up, Up, and A-Slay is a “flex” choice, though it’s nice to try to give Batman a little more knockout potential. 

MultiVersus: Best Bugs Bunny Perks and Build

Signature: Comin’ Through Doc

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Perk 1: Coffeezilla

Perk 2: I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge

Perk 3: Speed Force Assist

Bugs actually has a couple of worthwhile Signature perks. However, I tend to prefer Comin’ Through Doc for the natural damage boost it grants simply for using Bugs’ already useful tunnels. 

Coffeezilla is arguably Bugs’ most essential perk choice. It turns out a global cooldown-reducing ability for a cooldown-dependent character is pretty good. I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge grants additional cooldown reductions, while Speed Force Assist makes Bugs’ already deadly speed that much better. 

MultiVersus: Best Finn Perks and Build

Signature: Going Out Of Business 

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Perk 1: Coffeezilla

Perk 2: Wildcat Brawler

Perk 3: Stronger Than Ever

Finn’s Going Out Of Business perk temporarily reduces the costs of items in his shop when an ally is knocked out and grants a permanent discount when Finn reaches 100 damage. You may eventually move away from that perk as you get more comfortable with Finn, but it’s certainly nice for most players.

Coffeezilla is another obvious choice here given how cooldown-dependant Finn is. Meanwhile, Wildcat Brawler makes Finn even more of a melee powerhouse, and Stronger Than Ever offers a nice insurance policy for the knockouts Finn already benefits from. That last perk is definitely a flex spot, though. 

MultiVersus: Best Garnet Perks and Build

Signature: Electric Groove

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Perk 1: Percussive Punch Power

Perk 2: Speed Force Assist

Perk 3: Leg Day Champion

Garnet isn’t in the best place overall at the moment, but I do think that Electric Groove is a very powerful perk that substantially increases her already impressive damage potential. It’s just a fantastic ability that procs quite often. 

Percussive Punch Power makes Garnet even more of a knockout machine than she already is, while Speed Force Assist and Leg Day Champion give Garnet that speed boost she really needs. I think you can lean into Garnet’s punching power with those last two perk slots if you really want to, but she greatly benefits from a little extra mobility. 

MultiVersus: Best Harley Quinn Perks and Build

Signature: Smooth Moves

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Perk 1: Slippery Customer

Perk 2: Painted Target

Perk 3: Make It Rain, Dog!

Harley is also blessed with a couple of powerful Signature perks, but it’s hard to go wrong with Smooth Moves. It makes Harley even more evasive/dangerous when she’s using some of her best specials, and it really helps you appreciate the effective nature of her playstyle. 

Slippery Customer is pretty much an essential companion piece to Smooth Moves. Those two abilities synergize so well that they border on broken. Painted Target offers a nice way to make the most out of Harley’s stunning abilities, while Make it Rain makes Harley’s projectiles just a bit better than they already were.

MultiVersus: Best Iron Giant Perks and Build

Signature: Afterburners

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Perk 1: Last Stand

Perk 2: Wildcat Brawler

Perk 3: Tasmanian Trigonometry

While Iron Giant’s Afterburners perk isn’t quite what it used to be, it still seems to be the bot’s best overall option at the moment. It’s one of those abilities that does an excellent job of enhancing a character’s natural play style. 

The damage boost you get with Last Stand is shockingly easy to trigger with Iron Giant and soon proves to be one of the best reasons to pick that fighter in the first place. Wildcat Brawler also naturally synergizes with Iron Giant’s playstyle, while Tasmanian Trigonometry is a sometimes overlooked insurance policy that helps you minimize Iron Giant’s risk factor. 

MultiVersus: Best Jake Perks and Build

Signature: Sticky

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Perk 1: Painted Target

Perk 2: Wildcat Brawler

Perk 3: Lumpy Space Punch

First off, Sticky is really just an incredible overall perk. Stuns are generally overpowered in MultiVersus, and that perk offers a fantastic way to stun enemies as Jake with some consistency.

Painted Target may seem a little gimmicky, but I think it works with Sticky fairly well. It’s definitely valuable if you’re teaming with a character with more natural stun abilities in their base kit. Meanwhile, Wildcat Brawler makes Jake an even more effective Bruiser than he already is, while Lumpy Space Punch is sure to frustrate the opposition. 

MultiVersus: Best LeBron James Perks and Build

Signature: For Three!

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Perk 1: Make it Rain, Dog!

Perk 2: Deadshot

Perk 3: Retaliation-Ready

For Three is that kind of perk that is good enough to build a MultiVersus fighter around. While it’s difficult to get the most out of if you’re not playing with a truly cooperative partner, it is a real game changer in the right hands. 

That’s why the rest of these perks are designed to enhance LeBron’s projectile effectiveness. While you may want to dial back on the pure projectile strategy if you’re playing with random partners, I think this is the best build for teams that are comfortable utilizing a For Three-focused strategy. 

MultiVersus: Best Reindog Perks and Build

Signature: Fire Fluff

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Perk 1: Make it Rain, Dog!

Perk 2: Hit ‘Em While They’re Down

Perk 3: Retaliation-Ready

Fire Fluff is definitely Reindog’s best Signature option. It makes the character’s already effective projectiles that much better, and it really opens up Reindog’s overall potential as a Support character.

The rest of these abilities also attempt to make the most out of Reindog’s contributions as a Support character. Make it Rain is pretty hard to argue against so far as that goes, but I do think you can play with the other two perk slots based on your preferred playstyle and what your needs may be. 

MultiVersus: Best Shaggy Perks and Build

Signature: One Last Zoinks

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Perk 1: Last Stand

Perk 2: Leg Day Champ

Perk 3: Wildcat Brawler

There are great Shaggy builds that don’t use One Last Zoinks, but you have to look for reasons to not just “set it and forget it.” Once triggered, that ability has the potential to simply end matches. 

The rest of these perks are designed to treat Shaggy as the pure brawler he very much is. Combined, they allow Shaggy and his partner to stay on the offensive and utilize a simple, but effective, beatdown strategy. While that strategy can be countered by advanced technical teams, it should work for the majority of matches. 

MultiVersus: Best Steven Universe Perks and Build

Signature: Bounce Bubble

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Perk 1: Triple Jump

Perk 2: I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge

Perk 3: Ice To Beat You!

Steven Universe is another character that is in a strange place at the moment, but I do love Bounce Bubble’s potential. It’s the kind of ability that significantly enhances what Steven is already doing while forcing the opposition to change their gameplay slightly. 

Triple Jump and I Dodge offer additional mobility/defensive perks to Steven’s partner, while Ice to Beat You attempts to grant Steven that extra offensive push he sometimes really needs. You can feel free to swap that one out if you’re embracing a full support role, though. 

MultiVersus: Best Superman Perks and Build

Signature: Sniper Punch

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Perk 1: Triple Jump

Perk 2: Kryptonian Skin

Perk 3: Wildcat Brawler

Superman is definitely one of the most versatile characters in MultiVersus as far as builds go. While I tend to prefer Sniper Punch simply because it greatly enhances Superman’s basic attacks, you really can make an effective Superman build out of any of this character’s Signature perks. 

Kryptonian Skin and Wildcat Brawler are obvious companions to Sniper Punch, but I actually like pairing those with the seemingly contradictory Triple Jump perk. That perk lets you get just a little more out of Superman’s already great aerial abilities while still favoring a slightly more grounded offensive style.

MultiVersus: Best Taz Perks and Build

Signature: I Gotta Get In There!

Perk 1: Percussive Punch Power

Perk 2: Last Stand

Perk 3: Wildcat Brawler

I Gotta Get In There really does seem to be Taz’s best Signature perk by some distance at the moment. While it’s not as good as it once was (which is true of most things related to Taz as a fighter), it’s still an almost always useful tool for most matches.

The rest of these abilities simply embrace Taz’s Bruiser nature. Percussive Punch Power is an arguable must, and Wildcat Brawler is always a good choice for ground-based characters. The same is true of Last Stand, though you can play around with that particular perk slot if you wish to do so. 

MultiVersus: Best Tom and Jerry Perks and Build

Signature: Dynamite Split

Perk 1: Make it Rain, Dog!

Perk 2: Coffeezilla

Perk 3: Shirt Cannon Sniper

There aren’t a lot of truly effective projectile-based fighters in MultiVersus, but Tom and Jerry currently offer the best argument for embracing that strategy. Actually, Dynamite Split is one of the absolute best projectile-based perks in the game. 

The rest of these perks are all designed to make Tom and Jerry’s projectiles just a bit better. Make it Rain and Shirt Cannon directly contribute to that goal, while Coffeezilla can greatly reduce Tom and Jerry’s sometimes devastating cooldown times. 

MultiVersus: Best Velma Perks and Build

Signature: Studied

Perk 1: Deadshot

Perk 2: Coffeezilla

Perk 3: Ice To Beat You!

While Velma recently had to be nerfed into the ground for the sake of MultiVersus’ long-term health, she’s still a great all-around Support character. Actually, her Studied perk (which allows her to summon a police car even quicker) is still reason enough to consider picking her. 

The rest of Velma’s abilities try to make the most out of her projectiles. Of the three, Ice to Beat You is probably the “least” essential. I find that it gives Velma’s main abilities that more immediate impact they sometimes lack. Still, you may favor a more support-based ability that buffs your teammate. 

MultiVersus: Best Wonder Woman Perks and Build

Signature: Whip of Hephaestus

Perk 1: Kryptonian Skin

Perk 2: Stronger Than Ever

Perk 3: Back To Back

While quite a few people seem to prefer Shield Of Athena over Whip of Hephaestus, the latter really stands out to me. I find that it gives Wonder Woman that extra offensive ability that her core kit sometimes lacks. 

That said, I’m embracing more of a pure Tank role with the rest of these Wonder Woman perks. Kryptonian Skin is a great choice for most tanks, while Stronger Than Ever and Back to Back allow Wonder Woman to function as more of a Support character who happens to be incredibly tough and capable of holding her own.