Jedi Survivor: Where to Find the Most Powerful Perks

Jedi: Survivor's complicated Perk system can be difficult to experiment with. That being the case, here's a brief look at the best Perks worth going out of your way for.

Jedi Survivor Perks
Photo: EA

It’s easy to focus on your Lightsaber Stance and Abilities as you proceed through Jedi: Survivor. On the surface, those elements make up the bulk of your character’s overall power level. However, anyone struggling with Survivor‘s toughest challenges should try to acquire the best Perks in the game.

Perks are collectible enhancements that you can equip and swap at Jedi: Survivor‘s Meditation Points. Each offers a unique buff/ability, and each has to fit into an available Perk Slot (which you can acquire more of throughout the game). Because some Perks take up more slots than others, it can be difficult to experiment with which ones are truly the best. That mechanic is further complicated by the fact that some Perks are better in certain situations than others.

So while you should equip whichever Perks you can as soon as you find them, there are a few Perks that are worth going out of your way for. Regardless of how many you are able to equip, these are the most powerful Jedi: Survivor Perks you should have by the end of the game.


Shatter is the best overall Perk in Jedi: Survivor. It makes your attacks more effective at breaking an enemy’s guard. In other words, you can break an enemy’s guard in significantly fewer hits with this Perk equipped. While most useful during boss fights, this Perk is valuable in just about every combat encounter in the game. It’s also one of the first Perks you can acquire, which makes it that much more valuable over the course of the adventure.

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Where to find the Shatter Perk in Jedi Survivor:

The Shatter Perk can be found on Koboh as part of the Missing Prospectors quest. You’ll need to defeat the Rancor found at the end of that quest before you can claim this Perk. 


You’re going to use Healing Stims liberally in Jedi: Survivor no matter how careful you are. As such, you might as well take a few Healing Stim-focused Perks. 

Elixir recharges a small amount of your Super Meter whenever you use a Healing Stim. That little bit of Super Meter charge actually adds up to a lot over time, especially once you acquire more Stim shots. Also, this Perk essentially breaks the later part of the game once you’ve acquired a very powerful Super Meter ability.  

Where to Find the Elixir Perk in Jedi Survivor:

You can purchase this Perk from Zee’s shop in Pyloon’s saloon once you have unlocked her as a vendor. 

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Another Stim Perk, Centered staggers all nearby enemies when you use a Stim. As an added bonus, it allows you to take a free hit while you’re healing and not be interrupted. That combination of effects makes Centered one of the most valuable perks in Survivor when you’re playing at higher difficulties.

Where to Find the Centered Perk in Jedi Survivor:

You’ll earn the Centered Perk by defeating Rayvis during the Shattered Moon boss fight. 


Dexterity increases the damage that your lightsaber throws do. It probably doesn’t sound like much on its own, but your various lightsaber throws are some of the best abilities in the game. You’re going to be using them a lot, so giving them that little extra damage boost ends up being quite valuable over the course of the game.

Where to Find the Dexterity Perk in Jedi Survivor:

You’ll need to complete the Chamber of Reason challenge on Koboh in order to unlock this perk. For more information on how to solve the Chamber of Reason puzzle, please check out this guide

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A fantastic complement to Elixir, persistence grants you a small amount of HP for every enemy you kill while Slow Mode is active. Gien how much you’ll be using Slow Mode, you can basically think of this Perk as picking up a few extra Stim Pack charges. In other words, it’s incredibly powerful. 

Where to Find the Persistence Perk in Jedi Survivor:

You’ll earn the Persistence Perk by completing the Chamber of Fortitude on Koboh. This video guide will help you get through that tricky chamber.


This fascinating ability increases the damage of your next Lightsaber attack whenever you use a Force power. While generally useful, this Perk is at its best when paired with the Crossguard Stance during boss fights. Stagger the boss with a Force Push, whack them with the powerful Crossguard Stance, and enjoy taking a big chunk out of their health bar. 

Where to Find the Equilibrium Perk in Jedi Survivor:

You can purchase this Perk from Zee’s shop after unlocking her as a vendor in Pyloon’s Saloon.

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