Gotham Knights: How to Unlock Every Suit In the Game

If you want to unlock every suit in Gotham Knights, you're going to have to navigate an often confusing and annoying series of mechanics. Here's what you need to know.

Gotham Knights
Photo: Warner Bros. Games

The good news is that Gotham Knights is filled with incredible suits that showcase many years of its characters’ histories (as well as some truly inspired new designs). The bad news is that Gotham Knights‘ suit unlock system is so convoluted and random that there is a chance you will never find every suit possibility in the game.

In fact, there is sadly no way for me to tell you exactly how you unlock every single suit in Gotham Knights. While that tragic little tidbit would usually negate the need for an article such as this, the fact of the matter is that most players will need a little help trying to understand the basics of Gotham Knights‘ suit system. That being the case, here’s what you need to know if you’re trying to acquire every look possible.

How Many Suits Are in Gotham Knights?

There are 56 unlockable suits in Gotham Knights spread evenly amongst the game’s four playable characters. In other words, each character in the game has access to 14 suits that are all pulled from the following basic suit styles:

  • Beyond
  • Demon
  • Eternal
  • Knight Ops
  • Knighthood
  • Knightwatch
  • Metal
  • Neon Noir
  • New Guard
  • Privateer
  • Shinobi
  • Talon
  • Titan
  • Year One

When we talk about unlocking every suit in Gotham Knights, we’re really talking about unlocking every suit style. Once you’ve unlocked a Shinobi suit, for instance, you’ll have access to that style for customization purposes. However, you may unlock several Shinobo suits throughout the course of the game, and each of them will have different stats. If you haven’t found a particular suit style (or blueprints for a specific suit style), you will not be able to access that style until you find it.

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While that number doesn’t account for the various ways you can customize your suits and gear (more on that in a bit), that’s the base number of outfits that will be available to you throughout the game. While you’ll acquire most of those suits through the same basic processes, a few of them are hidden behind special requirements and paywalls that will make a complete collection difficult or impossible for some players.

How To Unlock Suits in Gotham Knights

The good news is that many of Gotham Knights‘ suits can be unlocked through the normal course of play. In fact, you’ll acquire quite a few suits simply by completing the game’s various missions. 

While the majority of missions that directly reward you with new suits are “main missions,” you may have to venture off the beaten path a bit if you’re looking for new and better outfits. Just by sticking to the major missions and objectives, though, you should eventually acquire a respectable collection of outfits. 

The bad news is that there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason as to when you unlock certain suits. Someone might crack the code eventually, but most suit drops appear to be somewhat random (or at least locked behind vague level and progress requirements). A few are obviously acquired by reaching major points in the game’s story, but you never really know when a new suit is going to drop outside of campaign moments. So if you’re looking for a very specific suit style, there doesn’t appear to be a way to just go out and find it (with a couple of exceptions that we’ll discuss in a bit). 

Gotham Knights: How to Craft Suits With Blueprints

While some suits and styles in Gotham Knights are unlocked outright simply by finding them in the world, you’ll end up needing to craft many of them by finding a blueprint for that suit. Again, those blueprints are spread throughout the game, and you’ll also earn them by completing various objectives and missions. Some will simply drop from defeated enemies and others will be handed out as rewards. Some blueprints can even be found in the secret caches Batman left throughout the city. 

When you acquire the blueprint you’re looking for, you’ll want to open up the Batcomputer and choose the “Gear” option (you can also just go to the crafting area in the Belfry). Regardless of how you get there, you’ll want to select the “Crafting” option in that menu (it’s between “Loadout” and “Mods”). That will allow you to actually create the design associated with the discovered blueprint.

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As long as you have the materials needed to craft the suit you found blueprints for, you’ll be able to create it and start wearing it right away. In fact, if you find a suit for a style that you haven’t previously unlocked, you should craft that suit right away even if you have no intentions of wearing it right away. That will ensure that you have access to that style when you need it down the line.

It’s annoying that the game doesn’t offer a more straightforward way of unlocking specific suits and styles, but the sooner you get comfortable with always crafting new suits whenever possible, the better off you’ll be. 

Do Suit Styles Change A Suit’s Stats in Gotham Knights?

Generally speaking, a suit’s style has no impact on its stats in Gotham Knights. In other words, a Talon suit isn’t necessarily better than a Shinobi suit, and a Shinobi Suit isn’t necessarily better than a Neon Noir suit. A suit’s stats and effectiveness are entirely dependent on your current level and which version of that suit you found or crafted. The higher your character level, the better the suits you find in the world will be. The quality of various suits of the same level depends entirely on that suit’s specific stats.

That’s why there isn’t necessarily a “best” suit in Gotham Knights. Whatever suits you earn from higher levels are going to always be better than the suits you earn at lower levels. The gear, weapons, and components you craft will also impact a suit’s stats and effectiveness (as well as your character’s power level). The style of a suit is just that: the style. There isn’t some ultimate suit you’re looking to unlock to have the absolute best item, and specific abilities are not tied to specific suits like in the Spider-Man games.

In other words, the style of the best suit you find in the game will probably be random. The best suit you find or craft could be an Eternal style suit, a Privateer style suit, or really just about anything else. Again, it’s kind of an odd system compared to so many other games that utilize set items and unlockables, but the game’s Transmog option does ensure you’re never forced to wear whatever has the best stats. 

Gotham Knights: How to Unlock Suit Transmogs

“Transmog” is a term that has become increasingly popular in RPGs (especially MMORPGs) in recent years. It’s basically the name for a system that allows you to change the look of your current outfit so that it resembles another outfit. 

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To unlock suit Transmogs in Gotham Knights, you first need to unlock a particular suit style. You’ll start with some styles available to you, but the more styles you unlock and craft throughout the game, the more Transmog options you’ll eventually acquire. 

Once you have your preferred Transmog suit style unlocked, open the Batcomputer, go to the Gear section, and select “Styles.” There, you will be able to apply any suit style you have unlocked to your current outfit. That will cause your current outfit to look like the suit style you’ve selected. Crucially, changing a suit’s style via the Transmog option will not impact its stats in any way. It will only change how the suit looks. This system helps ensure that your best piece of gear doesn’t have to be bound to a style you’re not a fan of. 

Sadly, it does not currently seem possible to customize individual parts of a Transmog outfit at this time. So, if you discover or craft a powerful Shinobi suit for your character, you’re able to customize the individual parts of that Shinobi suit via the crafting system. However, if you Transmog that Shinobi outfit to look like a Neon Noir outfit, it will always look like the default Neon Noir outfit. Truth be told, that’s a pretty bad customization system that pales in comparison to similar systems featured in games like World of Warcraft and Destiny

How to Unlock Suit Colorways in Gotham Knights 

Suit Colorways are what allow you to change the color and patterns of your current suit’s cowl, symbol, gloves, and boots. The specifics of which aspects of a suit you’re able to change kind of depend on its style, but the basics remain the same. If you want to customize how your current outfit looks, you’ll need to unlock the Colorway that allows you to apply a different color or look to specific parts of your suit.

Colorways in Gotham Knights are unlocked by completing various objectives in the game. Much like unlocking suits, there doesn’t seem to be a specific way to acquire specific Colorways at this time. As you complete various objectives, missions, and combat sequences, you’ll randomly unlock different Colorway options that can be applied to various parts of your outfit. 

To apply an unlocked Colorway to your current suit, head back to the Gear section of the Batcomputer menu and select the “Styles” option. Here, you’ll be able to apply whichever Colorways you’ve unlocked so far to your current suit style. 

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As noted above, the big downside to this system is the fact that you can’t apply Colorway customizations to a Transmog suit. So while you can customize certain elements of your highest stat outfit via Colorways, you either have to live with that customized look or opt for the default Transmog look. There’s sadly not much of a middle ground. 

Gotham Knights: How to Unlock the Knightwatch and Beyond Suit Styles

Look as hard as you want, but you may never find the Knightwatch and Beyond suit styles in Gotham Knights. That’s because those styles are currently exclusive to those who purchased the Deluxe Edition & Visionary Pack versions of the game. Those premium players also gain access to three exclusive Colorways. It appears that the Gotham Knights team does intend to allow all players to eventually purchase those DLC outfits, but there is no word on when you will be able to purchase those or how much they will be.  

Now, try to be surprised, but even these DLC suits come with a few catches. Most notably, the Knightwatch suits are Transmog only. That means that you can only Transmog your current outfit to resemble those designs but you’re not allowed to customize those designs from that point. That sucks. 

Furthermore, you will need to unlock the Beyond suits in-game before you can use that suit style. Thankfully, it seems like those are guaranteed to be unlocked very early into the game, so you shouldn’t have to wait long to find that style. Even still, it’s a little odd that those who paid a premium don’t simply have access to every suit in the game that they purchased right away. But, I digress.