God of War Ragnarok Cast: Every Character and Voice Actor

God of War: Ragnarok's massive cast of characters is brought to life by some truly exceptional voice actors that many of you may already be familiar with.

God of War Ragnarok is many things, but one of the game’s best features is its nearly unrivaled cinematic presentation style. Of course, the sequel’s ambitious narrative and storytelling would be nothing without the perfect cast of voice actors to play every character.

Thankfully, Ragnarok features such a cast. While many of the game’s principal characters (and voice actors) are returning from 2018’s God of War, those familiar faces and voices are joined by some fully-realized new characters that help make this game the most epic God of War adventure yet.

Before we dive a bit deeper into all that, you should know that the full God of War: Ragnarok cast is massive. Not only would it be incredibly difficult to list every single voiced character in the game in anything close to a legible format, but we would be spoiling a significant portion of the game if we tried to do so. As such, this article will initially be limited to some of the game’s most notable players.

Also, while I avoid any major spoilers in this article, those looking to go into Ragnarok knowing as little as possible will probably want to wait to read this article until after they’ve played the game.

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Kratos - Voiced by Christopher Judge God of War

Kratos – Voiced by Christopher Judge

If you’re here, you probably know who Kratos is. The titular God of War (at least at one point) is trying to live out a new chapter of his life, but old demons and new gods keep trying to make him fall back on old ways that may just lead to his downfall. 

Christopher Judge returns as Kratos after helping redefine the character in 2018’s God of War. Aside from absolutely killing it as Kratos, Judge has previously appeared in numerous video games and enjoyed a memorable run on Stargate SG-1 as Teal’c. 

Atreus - Voiced by Sunny Suljic God of War

Atreus – Voiced by Sunny Suljic

Atreus ended up being one of the biggest surprises in 2018’s God of War. While he could have easily been the annoying child character who got in the way of our god-killing good time, Atreus soon proved to be the heart of a much different kind of God of War game. While he’s coming into his own in Ragnarok, he still depends on his dad to help guide him through the world. 

Sunny Suljic returns as Atreus in Ragnarok, though you might not know it at first. Atreus feels (and sounds) much more mature in Ragnarok, though Suljic expertly handles the even more demanding role. You may also know Suljic from his performance as Bob Murphy in the tragically underrated The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Thor - Voiced by Ryan Hurst god of war

Thor – Voiced by Ryan Hurst

Look, I probably don’t need to tell you much about Thor. Though the MCU obviously helped make Thor even more of a household name, the God of Thunder was obviously kind of a big deal long before that. While Ragnarok’s version of that character is slightly different from how you may be used to seeing him, Thor is still a force to be reckoned with in this game. 

The brilliant Ryan Thurst portrays Thor in Ragnarok. Many of you may know him best for his memorable run on Sons of Anarchy as Opie, though he has also appeared in everything from Saving Private Ryan and We Were Soldiers to The Walking Dead and Bates Motel. The guy gets around. 

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Odin - Voiced by Richard Schiff god of war

Odin – Voiced by Richard Schiff

While 2018’s God of War ended with a memorable Thor teaser, pretty much everyone suspected that Thor’s appearance meant that Odin couldn’t be far behind. Not only is Odin Thor’s dad, but he’s kind of a big deal as far as Norse mythology goes. As you may imagine, Odin plays a significant role in Ragnarok

I’ve discussed this before, but Odin is played by the brilliant Richard Schiff in Ragnarok. It was promising casting on paper, and Schiff absolutely kills the role in this game. Of course, most of you know Schiff from his award-winning run on The West Wing as Toby Ziegler.

Freya - Voiced by Danielle Bisutti god of war

Freya – Voiced by Danielle Bisutti

Freya’s journey in 2018’s God of War was memorable, to say the least. While she’s initially presented as something of an ally to Kratos and Atreus (mostly), Kratos’ decision to kill Freya’s son, Baldur, kind of created a rift between the trio. Now, Freya is actively hunting Kratos and Atreus as part of her quest to get revenge for Baldur’s death before the end of everything. 

Danielle Bisutti returns to play Freya in Ragnarok. An incredibly versatile actress, Bisutti’s credits include everything from The O.C. to Insidious: Chapter 2 and Curse of Chucky. Interestingly, she also recently voiced Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Mimir - Voiced by Alastair Duncan God of War

Mimir – Voiced by Alastair Duncan

While 2018’s God of War was filled with memorable characters, Mimir ended up being a surprising show-stealer. Even though the self-proclaimed “Smartest Man Alive” has been reduced to the role of a disembodied head (physically speaking), he still has the wisdom and wisecracks needed to guide Kratos and Atreus through some tough times. 

Alastair Duncan reprises his role as Mimir in Ragnarok, which is good news given that he absolutely killed the role the first time around. Duncan has actually appeared in quite a few video games over the years, including the Middle-Earth: Shadow games (where he played Celebrimbor) and the Mass Effect series (in which he played multiple roles). 

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Brok - Voiced by Robert Craighead God of War

Brok – Voiced by Robert Craighead

Though often thought of as one part of a duo alongside his brother Sindri (more on him in a bit), Brok is the especially surly dwarf you probably know and love from his work in 2018’s God of War. Though openly hostile in many ways, Brok’s abilities and qualifications are never in doubt. 

Aside from his incredible previous portrayal as Brok, Robert Craighead is probably best known as a journeyman actor who has appeared in numerous TV shows such as New Girl and Ruthless. Interestingly, he also appeared in some 2014 episodes of The Young and Restless after briefly appearing on the show in 1993 in a bit part. 

Sindri - Voiced by Adam J. Harrington God of War

Sindri – Voiced by Adam J. Harrington

Sindri is often lumped in with his brother Brok, though he is certainly the “nicer” of the siblings. An incredibly talented blacksmith, Sindri seems to take genuine joy in furthering and practicing his craft as well as in seeing how his work helps others (even though his work inevitably hurts some as it helps others). 

Some of you may know Harrington best from his run on Bosch as FBI Agent Brenner. He’s actually appeared in quite a few police shows over the years, including S.W.A.T., NCIS, and The Rookie. Given his often stern demeanor, it’s actually kind of funny he was cast as the (slightly) nicer of the two brothers. 

Tyr - Voiced by Ben Prendergast God of War

Tyr – Voiced by Ben Prendergast

Most ancient mythologies have their own god of war, and Tyr fulfills that vital role in Norse mythology. A good part of Kratos and Atreus’ journey in Ragnarok involves their search for Tyr as well as Kratos’ personal journey to put his fears aside and turn to yet another god for help. 

Ben Prendergast’s name may not ring a loud bell, but most gamers are probably familiar with his voice from one project or another. For instance, he played Fuse in Apex Legends and contributed various voices to titles like Horizon Forbidden West. Interestingly, he also played Patroclus in Hades. Don’t tell Kratos. 

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Angrboda - Voiced by Laya DeLeon Hayes God of War

Angrboda – Voiced by Laya DeLeon Hayes

It’s a little difficult to talk about the new character Angrboda without getting too deep into spoilers. For now, it’s enough to know that she is a Jötunn who has quite a role to play in Ragnarok’s epic story. Those familiar with the character’s “real-life” mythology may have some idea of her importance to the game. 

Laya DeLeon Hayes has appeared in quite a few interesting YA/children’s films and TV shows across her incredibly young career. For instance, she played Nadine in Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie and Zeena in the Raven’s Home TV series. She’s also enjoyed a memorable run on The Equalizer as Delilah.

Durlin - Voiced by Usman Ally God of War

Durlin – Voiced by Usman Ally

Here’s another new character who is difficult to talk too much about without diving deeply into spoilers. For now, it’s enough to know that he’s a dwarf who (like some of the other dwarves in the game) ends up playing a notable role in the game despite his relative lack of screen time. 

Of course, Usman Ally’s work as Durlin is a big part of the reason why the character is so memorable. You may know Ally from his work on TV series like Suits, NCIS, or On Becoming a God in Central Florida, though comedy fans may know him best from his brilliant portrayal of Mohammed Al Jaffar on Veep

Surtr - Voiced by Chris Browning God of War

Surtr – Voiced by Chris Browning

Surtr enjoys the strange honor of being the second creature ever born into his universe. A major figure in Ragnarok‘s mythology, this incredibly powerful fire giant certainly strikes an appropriately imposing figure in the new God of War game. 

It’s not easy to bring such a character to life (so to speak), but Chris Browning does an excellent job of just that. Browning is probably best known for his runs on Bosch (as Preston Borders) and Westworld (as Holden), though his diverse resume also includes roles in Bright, Ray Donovan, and The 100

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