Fastest Palworld Mounts: The Best Flying and Ground Mount Options

Looking for the fastest flying and ground mounts in Palworld? Here are some of your best options.

Palworld mounts
Photo: Pocketpair

Palworld not only allows you to use some of your Pals as flying or ground mounts throughout the game, but it grants you access to your first mount options fairly early into your adventure. As your roster grows, though, you’ll soon find that you have access to a wide variety of flying and ground mounts. More importantly, you’ll start to realize that some mounts just feel faster than others. Yet, there is very little in-game information that indicates what a mount’s actual speed is. So what are the fastest mounts in Palworld

First off, the good news is that you’re not going crazy. Some mounts in Palworld are indeed faster than others. While the game doesn’t do a great job of informing you about the exact statistical differences between those mounts’ speeds, that information does exist within the game’s code. In fact, this website uncovered the top speed of every mount in the game. It turns out that each mount in Palworld not only has baseline Run Speed and Sprint Speed stats but that the differences between those stat ratings can be pretty drastic.

At present, the fastest flying mount in Palworld is Jetragon. In fact, the difference between Jetragon and every other flying mount is almost comical. Jetragon has a Sprint Rating of 3300, which is more than double the next-fastest Sprint speed in the game. Jetragon’s Run Rating of 1700 isn’t quite that impressive, but it’s still the fastest in the game by far. 

However, you won’t acquire Jetragon until much later in the game. So what is the fastest early flying mount in Palworld? Well, with a 1000 Run/1400 Sprint rating, Faleris will probably be your best option slightly earlier in the game. If you need a mount earlier than that, you should prioritize acquiring an Astegon and taking advantage of its 600 Run/800 Sprint ratings. 

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There are quite a few flying mount options between those Pals, but those seem to be the best “milestone” mounts. If you need something between Astegon and Faleris, though, then Shadowbeak, Quivern, and Ragnahawk are all excellent mid-game upgrade options that offer 800+ Run and 1000+ Sprint speeds. 

What about ground mounts, though? Well, Necromus is the fastest pure ground mount in Palworld. Their 900 Run/1600 Sprint is just hard to beat. More importantly, they are one of the few Pals in the game that can double jump, which makes them that much more valuable as mounts. 

As for the fastest early-game mounts, Sweepa and Rumpo will almost inevitably be your first ground mounts. They get the job done, but you’re looking to replace them with Maraith, Arsox, Azurobe, Chillet, or Grintale, who all offer 600 Run/800 Sprint stats. Blazehowl, Fenglope, Direhowl, and Pyrin will be your primary upgrades from there, since they all offer 750+Run and 900+ Sprint speed. Ultimately, Pyrin’s 850 Run/1300 Sprint ratings make it the fastest ground mount before you start looking into the Legendary Pal options. Then again, Fenglope can double jump, which may make them more valuable for your specific needs. Of course, Jetragon is still the fastest overall mount in Palworld across all known categories.

Please note, though, that you can improve any mount’s base speed through breeding. There are four breeding traits in the game that positively impact movement speed, and giving them all to a pal will increase their movement speed by up to 75%. However, the logistics and limitations of Palworld’s breeding system mean that you likely won’t be able to give all of those traits to a Pal for quite some time. Even still, getting one or two of those breeding buffs on a mount can make them noticeably faster. 

Finally, please note that every Pal in the game has their own Stamina meter that will slowly drain when they are mounted. That meter is separate from your player character’s Stamina meter and will not be increased as you level your character up. At present, the only known ways to increase a Pal’s base stamina are to play on a custom server with custom stamina rules or to use a Pal Condenser to combine duplicate Pals into a stronger version of that Pal. There may be times when a Pal’s Stamina will impact your decision to use them as a mount, though known Stamina ratings seem to be relatively in line with known Pal speeds. Similarly, a mount’s abilities, type, and Partner Skills may ultimately determine whether you use them over similarly quick options.