Is Demon’s Souls Coming to Xbox and PC?

Demon's Souls is poised to be one of the PS5's best launch games, but could it be coming to PC, Xbox, and other platforms?

Demon's Souls
Photo: FromSoftware

The recent PlayStation 5 showcase generated a surprisingly justified number of questions regarding whether or not the Demon’s Souls remake is coming to Xbox, PC, and potentially other platforms.

Those who watched the digital event may have noticed that the original version of the Demon’s Souls gameplay trailer ended with a screen that noted the remake would “not be available on other consoles for a limited time” and would seemingly be “also available on PC.” However, Sony soon informed Kotaku and other websites that the reference to Demon’s Souls coming to other platforms was the result of “human error.” When PC Gamer pressed Sony for more information, they simply reiterated that Demon’s Souls is “exclusive to PlayStation 5.”

So, the very quick answer to the question we’ve posed is that Demon’s Souls will only be available for PS5 on November 12. Furthermore, Sony has not officially revealed any subsequent plans to port the upcoming remake to additional platforms in the near future. While that would seem to settle the issue, not everyone is convinced that this situation is really that simple.

The heart of that doubt is based on the fact that the initial Demon’s Souls trailer included any reference to it coming to other platforms for whatever reason. We all make human errors from time to time, but the idea that Sony would accidentally indicate that one of their biggest upcoming games (and now, a confirmed PS5 launch title) could be coming to other platforms is kind of tough to believe.

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What makes this story all the more interesting is the fact that yesterday’s trailers indicated that other games (most notably Final Fantasy XVI) were also coming to PC. However, Sony and representatives from various studios later stated that those references were also inaccurate. Again, we understand if you feel like it’s a stretch for that many studios to make a similar mistake on such a big stage.

While we certainly don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up or relay speculation as fact, there is still a very good chance that Demon’s Souls will come to the PC (and possibly other platforms) at some point. Not only has Sony recently indicated that they’re interested in pursuing more PC ports of some of their titles, but the cries for a Bloodborne PC port would tend to suggest that the Demon’s Souls remake would likely be a hit among PC gamers. As always, we’ll be sure to keep you updated regarding any further information we receive regarding this story.