Best Diablo 4 Builds: Most Broken Season 4 Builds For Every Class

These broken Diablo 4 builds will help you survive Season 4's most punishing content.

Diablo 4 Builds
Photo: Activision Blizzard

Diablo 4‘s massive Season 4 update has been out for a couple of weeks. In that time, fans have discovered not just reasons to fall in love with the game again but some truly broken new builds capable of surviving even the game’s toughest challenges.

So if you’re finally working your way to Diablo 4‘s massive new endgame, here are what some of the game’s best players think the best builds are for every class.

Best Diablo 4 Barbarian Build: Dust Devil Double Swing

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Try to be surprised, but there are actually several viable Barbarian builds out there at the moment. No matter how hard they try, Blizzard just can’t keep that class down for long. 

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While there is a debate over the absolute best Barbarian build, this Double Swing Dust Devil build from Diablo 4 streamer (and Barbarian god) Rob2628 may be your best overall bet for most endgame content.

The heart of this build is rather simple. There are various items, abilities, and upgrades in the game that allow Barbarians to unleash Dust Devils: tornadoes that move along the screen dealing damage to anything in their wide path. Double Swing, in particular, is an excellent way to generate Dust Devils once you’ve acquired the proper Affixes. 

On their own, those Dust Devils aren’t especially powerful. However, by utilizing the right combination of abilities and gear, you can not only increase the overall damage of each Dust Devil but practically fill the screen with those tornadoes at will.  

Once you have your primary pieces in place, the basic strategy is to activate your Shouts (shocker), trigger Wrath of the Bersker, and start spamming Double Swing to get those tornadoes flying. Charge is in here as an effective filler/resource generator, but the heart of this build is Double Swing and the Dust Devils it generates. It’s like picking up a screen-clearing smart bomb in an arcade game. 

However, this build does have one notable weakness that is worth discussing: its performance in high-end Pit boss battles. It’s viable in Pit content, but it can’t quite match the performance of a popular Bash build that is practically made for surviving against, and killing, bosses. You may want to switch to that build at some point if you find yourself struggling in those fights.

So why go with Dust Devils at all? Well, given that much of the current Diablo 4 experience involves grinding through dungeons and Helltides for gold and resources, Dust Devil is the generally better choice for those mob-dense environments. If you want to stick with it beyond that point, feel free to do so 

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Best Diablo 4 Druid Build: Companion Werewolf Tornadoes

Full Build

As many suspected, one of the best Druid builds out there utilizes a combination of Werewolf and Tornado abilities to flood the area with damaging storm effects (not dissimilar from the Dust Devil strategy). However, this specific build that YouTuber Osterberg501 and others are currently using gets a surprising amount of mileage out of Druids’ various companion abilities. 

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. While this build does take every major companion ability available to the Druid, you won’t actively be using Wolves and Ravens often during combat. Instead, you’ll be relying on the massive concurrent damage boosts that those companions offer as well as the global buffs to companions that allow them to scale much more effectively throughout the game. Poison Creeper, however, will often be used to trap enemies and further increase your damage against them. 

The rest of the build is there to maximize the capabilities of those buffs. Once you’ve acquired the major required pieces of equipment (specifically, Tempest Roar), you’ll eventually start spamming Tornado while popping Debilitating Roar to reduce incoming damage. Trample is primarily used to ensure you don’t get CCd, though it can be popped in relatively safe situations for extra damage and movement speed. 

And that’s about all there is to it. Tornado is a massive damage dealer that will do so much of the work in this build once you have the gear required to enable that Werewolf and Storm synergy. While this build lacks the raw survivability that other top-end Pit builds typically rely on, it’s an incredible all-around option for most endgame content. 

Best Diablo 4 Druid Build: Golem Necromancer

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Oh, Necromancer. After so much time wondering what would happen if the Diablo 4 team cast their fears aside and simply let Necromancers focus almost entirely on summoning minions, the developers did just that with this latest update. Well, the result is something as ridiculous as we hoped and feared. 

This build from YouTuber NickTew is a fantastic version of the best Necromancer Minion build currently floating around. As has been the case in the past, playing this build largely consists of cursing an area, pulling enemies into it with Tendrils, and allowing your skeletons to go to town on everything in their way. 

It’s a classic strategy, but buffs to Diablo 4’s minions (as well as specific buffs to Necromancer’s minion-based abilities) make those minions significantly more capable than ever. Most notably, Golems are now the heart of many minion-based Necromancer builds. Their ability to tank their way through even the toughest endgame content finally allows you to build around them in ways that were simply not possible before this update.

The complementary abilities in this build are also quite interesting. Bone Storm’s synergy with Golems makes it a must-have for defense, damage, and utility benefits. Blood Mist, meanwhile, is largely here as an emergency button rather than as the primary damage dealer it is in other builds. The synergy between all these abilities will also drastically reduce your global cooldown times, which enables you to continue spamming minion attacks while keeping your defenses up and generally rendering most mobs helpless along the way.

Finally, there’s the matter of Holy Bolts Elixir. At the moment, there is a bug in the game that allows certain builds (most notably, this Necromancer build) to effectively trivialize most battles by using that Elixir. If you want to use it, it’s currently there to be used. However, this particular build doesn’t rely on that glitch though it does use other Elixirs to provide slightly more reasonable buffs to its core strategy. 

Best Diablo 4 Rogue Build: Heartseeker

Full Build

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Much like Druids and their tornadoes, most Diablo 4 players assumed the best Season 4 Rogue build would utilize the class’ ranged abilities due to a series of nerfs to the class’ most popular melee options. However, few saw anything like this Heartseeker build from YouTuber M1PY coming. 

This build is the result of a truly clever combination of interactions that revolve around the Heartseeker skill. When combined with the right gear and aspects, that previously overlooked ability triggers a wide variety of damage modifiers that are almost always active thanks to its absurd attack speed. On top of that, the ability ricochets to nearby enemies which makes it one of the few viable AoE Basic skills in the late game. 

In fact, most of the damage in this build comes through Heartseeker. Once you have your Exodia pieces assembled, Heartseeker becomes a Gatling gun that deals massive damage, increases Lucky Hit and Crit chances, weakens enemies, and only becomes more powerful the more you spam it. I’m not sure we’ve seen another basic ability in Diablo 4 do this much work in such difficult endgame content. That also means that you never really run out of resources with this build

The catch is that Heartseeker doesn’t do much for Rogue’s generally squishier nature. That’s why most of the other skills in this build are there to keep you alive. Dash and Shadow Step will ideally keep your Rogue out of harm’s way and out of CC trouble while Caltrops, Smoke Grenade, and Concealment offer additional evasive options. However, the latter three skills will also be used to trigger additional damage modifiers on the packs of enemies you’ll be facing in most endgame areas. 

Before you commit to this playstyle, though, you should know that it requires an expert hand to properly navigate. Even with the defensive/evasion abilities you’re taking, you’re going to find yourself in harm’s way quite often. You’ve got to master Rogue’s movements to pilot this build in the endgame. Even then, expect to take the kind of damage other builds often shrug off.

Best Diablo 4 Sorcerer Build: Blizzard

Full Build

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Sorcerers are in a strange spot at the moment. They are both blessed with a number of viable endgame options yet lack that one undeniably powerful build that other classes have access to. Choosing your Sorcerer playstyle often means having to make meaningful sacrifices in some other aspect of the game. 

However, this Blizzard build from YouTuber RageGamingVideos does feel like one of the best overall options. Pretty much everything in this build is designed to do one thing: ensure Blizzard has an almost constant uptime. Specifically, you will ideally want to constantly cast Blizzard and stand in its area of effect in order to enjoy the damage reduction buffs you get for doing so. In a pinch, though, you can “cast it and forget it” as you move your way through dungeons. 

So why does this strategy work? Well, it’s largely because of the ways Sorcerers can trigger various damage, defense, and CC abilities by casting certain skills and the ways that Blizzard’s wide area of effect allows them to consistently enable those abilities. It’s not just the damage and defenses you get from Blizzard but the Ice Spikes, stagger triggers, defensive bonuses, and damage buffs you’ll be generating all along the way. Just keep casting Blizzard, and you’ll probably be fine.

The rest of this build is largely defensive-minded. Ice Armor, Flame Shield, and Teleport are all exceptional defensive options, though they’ll largely be used in an emergency capacity and to, again, maximize your Blizzard buffs. 

What’s the downside of this particular Sorcerer build? There aren’t many, though this build can’t really compete with the clear speeds of other classes’ best builds due to the nature of the Blizzard effect and the need to wait for it to do its thing from time to time. That’s unfortunate, but the survivability, consistent damage, and ease of use this build boasts make it a safe choice.