Best Diablo 4 Classes: Every Season 4 Class Ranked Worst to Best

Here are the best and worst classes in Diablo 4's massive Season 4 update.

Diablo 4
Photo: Activision Blizzard

Diablo 4‘s “Loot Reborn” season is the game’s most significant update yet. While there are so many individual aspects of that update that are worth diving into, many of them are designed to impact the power level of the game’s five classes in direct and indirect ways. As a result, the game’s “meta” looks a little different than it has in recent months.

Before we dive into that topic, keep in mind that these rankings represent an overall snapshot of the power levels of those classes at the moment. In other words, everything from leveling speed to the viability of each of these classes in the endgame factor into their rankings. Since we’re early into to Season 4 meta, those rankings are also based on precedent, PTR performance, and all other currently available information. In other words, they are subject to change as further updates are released and subsequent tests reveal new information.

Sorcerer Diablo 4

5. Sorcerer

Leveling as a Sorcerer remains one of your best bets if your goal is to reach Diablo 4’s Level 50+ content as soon as possible. Sorcerers are truly blessed with several viable leveling builds that include Chain Lightning, Firewall, and Frozen Orb-focused packages. No matter what your preferred playstyle is and what gear you pick up along the way, you will pilot a fun, fast, and devastating Sorcerer build that will tear through Helltide mobs with little effort required. They are comically overpowered early on. 

The “problem” is that the 1-50 leveling process in Diablo 4 is easier than ever. Even the worst leveling classes will be able to make it to that part of the game with relatively little effort required. What matters more than ever is how a class performs in Diablo 4’s endgame. 

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That’s where Sorcerers hit a wall. There are multiple viable endgame Sorcerer builds and possibilities out there. At the moment, though, there are fewer of them compared to other classes, and those builds that are so powerful early on are currently struggling to scale with their competition that begins to enjoy such massive power buffs around that time. 

If you consider survivability, AoE, and single-target damage to be separate, but equally desirable endgame power categories, many endgame Sorcerer builds currently require you to focus on two of those categories at a time. Single-target damage is the biggest overall problem at the moment, as Sorcerers’ best single-target spells currently feel too far removed from the heart of the heart of what their AoE builds are trying to do. It doesn’t feel great to go so far out of your way just to try to incorporate those ultimately underwhelming boss-killing abilities. 

Again, Sorcerers are still incredibly powerful. It’s just that the Diablo 4 team is more conscious of those absurd Sorcerer builds that allow them to essentially produce infinite spells while dodging most of the class’ intended mechanics. Someone may find a new combo of abilities and gear that allows them to reach those power levels once more, but until that hypothetical build is discovered (assuming that strategy isn’t quickly nerfed), Sorcerers are going to have to try a bit harder in the endgame. 

Diablo 4 Rogue

4. Rogue

It feels like Rogues are generally considered to be the worst class in Diablo 4: Season 4, and I understand why. Now that the Diablo 4 team has finally put their foot down on those positively broken Twisting Blade builds of the past, Rogue players are scrambling for the next dominant strategy. 

At the moment, most of those strategies rely on Rogue’s various ranged attack packages (Barrage, Rapid Fire, and Penetrating Shot). The good news is that those builds are more powerful than ever thanks to a series of buffs, tweaks, and gear additions. The bad news is that ranged Rogue is one of the few archetypes in Diablo 4 that is inherently difficult to play. Mastering those ranged attacks requires quite a lot of precision and the ability to properly manage your resources and cooldowns. 

So what’s keeping Rogues from the bottom of this list? Well, despite losing so much melee power, Rogues theoretically have all the ranged tools they will ever need to perform well in just about every endgame scenario. They’re quick, they operate at a distance, and they’re blessed with single-target and AoE abilities that can be used in conjunction without having to force an awkward build or constantly switch strategies. They have a build variety problem at the moment (which means you’ll be hunting for specific gear/items), but the tools are certainly there. 

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Rogues are also fair levelers, though they are not nearly as capable in that area of the game as Sorcerers and Necromancers. It takes a little while for their best AoE speed farming abilities to come together, but their natural movement speed and early access to powerful core abilities certainly help ease the pain.

Again, the problem with discussing Rogues at the moment is that they are more dependent on the skills of the individual player than ever. If you can consistently land your shots, time your combos, and manage your cooldowns while staying on the move and enjoying a little bit of loot luck, you’ll like what you get from Rogues. That’s just more “ifs” than we have to apply to any other class. 

Diablo 4 Druid

3. Druid

The next two classes are largely interchangeable in terms of their rankings. In case you’re wondering, Druids earn the slightly lower spot due to their slower leveling speed. You’ll also have trouble speed farming with them until you unlock certain endgame items designed to enhance and enable late-game ability combos. 

However, Druid’s true endgame (a little before level 100 and beyond) power is just ridiculous. Tornado Werewolf Druids, in particular, are capable of dealing the kind of screen-clearing damage that makes them feel like a cheat code. Yes, variations of that build have been powerful for quite some time now, but the current version of that concept is so ridiculously overpowered that it’s arguably not even fun to play (except that it very much is). On top of that, Druids generally boast excellent survivability. 

As we’ve seen with previous Druid builds, utilizing that particular build will require you to acquire a very specific set of items that you likely won’t get your hands on until Level 75 or so. This time around, though, Druids actually have access to a number of viable early and mid-game builds that will get you to that point with comparatively little trouble. Notably, it’s also easier than ever to access a viable Pulverize build earlier in the game, which certainly helps soothe the pain of the Druid experience. 

At this point, it seems clear that the Diablo 4 team is pretty content with Druids suffering through the leveling process until they acquire a specific set of skills and gear that turn them into gods. As long as you’re also ok with that process, you’ll be fine. 

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Diablo 4 Barbarian

2. Barbarian

The amount of nerfs/changes that Barbarians suffered during this latest season update borders on comical. The Diablo 4 team removed their global damage reduction buff, took the nerf hammer to their most powerful legacy abilities, and generally singled them out as the problem child of the game’s classes. To be clear, Barbarians are a shadow of their former selves. 

It’s a pretty impressive shadow, though. Barbarians may have lost a lot, but they got a hell of a consolation package in the new Double Swing Dust Devil build. Do you like the thought of breezing through the toughest endgame content while filling the screen with tornadoes that deal a constant stream of absurd damage? If so, you’re going to love what that build does for you. It’s honestly hilarious that such a strategy is as good as it is given what a big deal the Diablo 4 team made about Barbarians having too many obviously powerful builds in the past. 

It’s not just Dust Devils, though. Barbarians also boast a powerful (and quite fun) Bash build that is made possible by a new Tempering Affix that converts Bash into an incredible AoE skill. They also have access to a Thorns package that feels like a possible nerf candidate due to its almost autopilot nature. Mind you, each of those builds is equally viable against massive waves of enemies as they are the most powerful single targets. 

Much like Druids, Barbarians are incredibly gear-dependent and still suck as levelers. However, they now have access to a greater array of viable leveling options that won’t make you want to instantly log out and just play as a Sorcerer. It’s not a great time, but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. Similarly, you won’t have to spend as much time hunting for specific endgame items, though that’s still part of the process. 

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the Diablo 4 team has said they want to bring more classes to Barbarian’s level rather than just nerf them into the dust. Barbarians still have so much going for them even if they can’t simply shout and spin their way through the game. 

Diablo 4 Necromancer

1. Necromancer

There’s really no question that Necromancers are the best class in Diablo 4: Season 4. At this point, the only debate is whether or not they are the most powerful class we’ve ever seen at the start of a new season. 

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See, the Diablo 4 team decided to do something they’ve seemingly feared to do in the past by buffing the global power of Necromancer’s minions. At the moment, we’re all seeing exactly what they were so afraid of. Necromancers currently have access to multiple minion-based builds that feel simply broken. It’s not just the damage those minions do or that they do it with relatively little guidance. No, it’s the fact that they can now stun most enemies as they are dealing all of that automatic damage to them. It’s like playing a tower defense game while everyone else is stuck in an ARPG. 

What’s really “funny” is that Sorcerers aren’t even limited to minions. Blood and Corpse Explosion Necromancers are also endgame viable at the moment, which means that you can easily tweak your Necromancer build based on the gear you happen to receive along the way. Granted, Bone Necromancers are in a relatively rough spot, but that’s a minor complaint given that every other aspect of the class borders on broken. 

As for leveling…look, if we ever see a faster leveling class in Diablo 4, it’ll be because the team agreed to let you pay them money to instantly hit Level 100. Minions have always been a powerful leveling tool for Necromancers, but their newfound ability to essentially level up as you do means that Necromancers quickly gain access to an incredible weapon that only becomes stronger as you go along. 

Necromancers will most likely have to be nerfed relatively soon on general principle. For the moment, though, you might as well try out what will likely be one of the most absurd classes in Diablo 4 history.