Kevin Smith

Mallrats 2 exclusive: Kevin Smith gives details on his TV show plan

Rob Leane News
Jul 1, 2016

Exclusive: “I feel like the Mallrats series is going to be insanely John Hughes-like, just a little dirtier”, Kevin Smith explains...

Arrow season 5 exclusive: Kevin Smith talks Onomatopoeia

Rob Leane News
Jul 5, 2016

We spoke to Kevin Smith about his script idea for Arrow season 5, and the likelihood of it happening...

Mallrats 2 is now a 10-episode TV series

Rob Leane News
Jun 13, 2016

Mallrats 2 - AKA Mallbrats - is no longer heading to cinemas. Instead, it'll be a 10-part TV show...

Arrow season 5: Kevin Smith wants to write two episodes

Kevin Smith
Rob Leane News
May 16, 2016

After directing a great episode of The Flash season 2, Kevin Smith wants to stick with The CW by writing for Arrow...

The Flash season 2 episode 21 review: The Runaway Dinosaur

Caroline Preece Review
May 12, 2016

Kevin Smith's episode of The Flash season 2 packed plenty of surprises, as well as being very good....

Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers: the new trailer lands

Simon Brew Trailer
Jun 7, 2016

A new trailer lands for Kevin Smith's incoming horror movie, Yoga Hosers...

MallBrats to film this year, Clerks III possibly late 2017

Rob Leane News
Mar 2, 2016

Exclusive: Jason Mewes tells us the latest info about for his next two Kevin Smith collaborations: MallBrats and Clerks III.

Kevin Smith, movie critics, and Yoga Hosers

Simon Brew Feature
Feb 9, 2016

Kevin Smith’s new movie, Yoga Hosers, has been hit hard by critics. But both they and he have changed a little…

8 movie premieres that were picketed - and why

Craig Thomas Feature
Feb 24, 2016

From Kevin Smith protesting against his own movie, to protests against The Hateful Eight - when movie premieres have been picketed.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: voice cameos finally revealed

Joseph Baxter News
Jan 27, 2016

The official list of voice cameos from the latest Star Wars film has been released - so just who did Kevin Smith play, for one?