David Fincher

13 great modern thriller directors

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jun 15, 2016

They’ve made some of the best thrillers of the past six years. We list some of the best modern thriller directors currently working...

Alien 3's perfect shot

Ryan Lambie Feature
Nov 24, 2015

Divisive among fans though it is, David Fincher's 1992 sequel Alien 3 contains the most powerful shots in the whole franchise, Ryan writes.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo follow-up will reboot

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Simon Brew News
Nov 5, 2015

Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara and David Fincher aren't returning for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo follow-up...

Mr Robot interview: Sam Esmail on hackers, Fight Club

Louisa Mellor Interview
Oct 16, 2015

With Mr Robot now available to stream on Amazon Prime, we chat to creator Sam Esmail about the 90s, geekdom and on-screen hackers…

David Fincher's unfinished projects

Craig Thomas Feature
Sep 22, 2015

As his planned take on Utopia falls by the wayside, we look at the other David Fincher projects that haven't (yet) seen the light of day...

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea next for X-Men’s Bryan Singer

Simon Brew News
Sep 18, 2015

Bryan Singer promises he's not finished with the X-Men universe - but next up, it's a bit of Jules Verne...

Confirmed: David Fincher’s HBO Utopia remake cancelled

Rob Leane News
Aug 10, 2015

HBO’s Utopia remake has been shut down. The fate of his comedy show Video Synchronicity looks less clear cut...

Why Mr Robot is Fight Club’s spiritual successor

Louisa Mellor Feature
Jul 13, 2015

USA Network’s new series, Mr Robot, takes up Fight Club’s mantle, updating its anti-capitalist ire for the cyber age…

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo sequel unlikely

Rooney Mara
Simon Brew News
Feb 25, 2015

Rooney Mara admits that the chances of her returning for The Girl Who Played With Fire are unlikely...

Alien franchise: ranking the movies in order of quality

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Jan 23, 2015

Alien and Aliens are classics. But how do the other sequels, prequel and spin-offs compare? We try to rank them in descending order...