Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, movie critics, and Yoga Hosers

Simon Brew Feature
Feb 9, 2016

Kevin Smith’s new movie, Yoga Hosers, has been hit hard by critics. But both they and he have changed a little…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: voice cameos finally revealed

Joseph Baxter News
Jan 27, 2016

The official list of voice cameos from the latest Star Wars film has been released - so just who did Kevin Smith play, for one?

The Flash season 2: new multiverse images from Welcome To Earth 2

Rob Leane News
Feb 8, 2016

Trajectory – The Flash’s first female speedster – will be played by Allison Paige in an upcoming season 2 episode…

Man Of Steel and Superman Lives: the odd parallels

Tim George Feature
Nov 17, 2015

The abandoned Superman Lives!, and Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel, have more in common than you may think...

Mallrats 2: Kevin Smith drops new details

Simon Brew News
Oct 9, 2015

Kevin Smith has revealed the basic premise of Mallbrats - and has revealed that a big call for extras is coming...

A history of stoners in film

Ryan Lambie Feature
Sep 1, 2015

Ahead of American Ultra’s release in UK cinemas, we look at the rise of the stoner in film, from the 30s to the present...

Why US comedy Reaper deserves more love

Rob Leane Feature
Aug 24, 2015

American comedy Reaper was the slacker Supernatural. With great writing, great jokes and Ray Wise, what more could you want?

The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? review

Rob Leane Review
Jun 1, 2015

The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? – the story of Kevin Smith and Tim Burton’s botched Superman film – is pure nerdy joy…

Mallrats 2 starts shooting in January

Simon Brew News
Sep 11, 2015

Mallrats 2 - aka Mallbrats - is going before the cameras early next year, Kevin Smith confirms...

Daredevil season 2: which stories can we expect to see?

James Hunt Feature
May 1, 2015

With season 2 of Daredevil on its way, we look ahead to the comics stories it could include, from Frank Miller, Brian Bendis and more...