Nintendo might end region locking with the NX console

Ryan Lambie News May 11, 2015

Region locks could be a thing of the past by the time Nintendo's NX console comes out, suggests company president Satoru Iwata...

Bethesda to host its first ever E3 conference

More radioactive goodness is on its way
Aaron Birch News Feb 11, 2015

Elder Scrolls and Fallout developer, Bethesda, has announced its first ever E3 press conference...

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel full E3 demo

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 8, 2014

2K has released the full E3 demo of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and here it is...

Hands-on with Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U games

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 2, 2014

We went hands-on with some of the Wii U's forthcoming releases, including Splatoon, Yoshi, Smash Bros and more...

E3 2014 conference roundup

Niall Mcloughlin Feature Jun 23, 2014

Niall rounds up all of the major announcements from all the major games companies at this year's E3, in case you missed it

Batman: Arkham Knight pushed back to 2015

Aaron Birch News Jun 4, 2014

The next Arkham game from Rocksteady won't be arriving until 2015, but there's a shiny new trailer to make up for it...

EA announces Battlefield Hardline

Ryan Lambie News May 28, 2014

First-person shooter franchise Battlefield Hardline will be taking on a police theme, EA has revealed...

E3: Trailer round up

Aaron Birch Trailer Jun 12, 2013

We've rounded up a collection of trailers from this year's E3 for you to soak up...

E3: Ubisoft press conference

Aaron Birch News Jun 12, 2013

The final big name press conference comes courtesy of Ubisoft, which may have a banner year ahead...

E3: EA Press conference

Aaron Birch News Jun 12, 2013

Here's another conference for you, this time courtesy of Electronic Arts...