Arnold Schwarzenegger

Total Recall (1990): rare behind the scenes pictures

Total Recall
Simon Brew Pictures
Nov 27, 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger hit blockbuster gold with Paul Verhoeven's film of Total Recall. These pictures offer a glimpse at its making...

Arnold Schwarzenegger chooses his next project

Simon Brew News
Nov 6, 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger moves from Terminator Genisys to the new drama, 478...

Terminator: Genisys - far more impressive posters released

Simon Brew Poster
Nov 2, 2015

Here are the posters for Terminator Genisys that we didn't get when the film was heading to cinemas...

The Terminator: where next for the franchise?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Oct 6, 2015

As plans for more Terminator films are shelved, we look at where the franchise should head next...

Terminator franchise now “on hold indefinitely”

Simon Brew News
Oct 2, 2015

It looks like Terminator Genisys may indeed have done major damage to plans for a new Terminator trilogy...

How to spot an undercover agent (according to the movies)

Wil Jones Feature
Sep 3, 2015

To salute the release of American Ultra, we hunt down the subtle ways to spot an undercover agent on the big screen...

Terminator: Genisys a hit at the Chinese box office

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 24, 2015

Having put in a tepid performance in the US, Terminator: Genisys has enjoyed an unexpectedly strong turn-out in China over the weekend...

Where does summer 2015 leave movie stars?

Simon Brew Feature
Aug 19, 2015

Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Schwarzenegger and The Rock went head to head this summer. What did we learn about star power?

10 films to beat the 2015 blockbuster fatigue

Mark Harrison Feature
Aug 6, 2015

Fed up of summer blockbusters, and looking for some more diverse films to watch in the month ahead? Here are some recommendations...

Does it matter whether stars do their own stunts?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 28, 2015

As Tom Cruise dangles from a plane in Mission: Impossible 5, we ask: does it matter whether stars do their own stunts or not?