Arnold Schwarzenegger

New Conan movie will honour tone of originals

Arnold Schwarzeneggar as Conan The Barbarian (1981)
Simon Brew News May 26, 2015

Wondering about the direction of The Legend Of Conan? "Think Unforgiven... with a sword-wielding barbarian"...

Stallone and Schwarzenegger: how their action heroes differ

Tim George Feature May 13, 2015

What sets Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone's action heroes apart from one another?

Terminator: Genisys - five new character posters land

Simon Brew Poster May 11, 2015

One of these is a little spoiler-y, but there are five new character posters for Terminator: Genisys to mooch at here...

Revisiting Commando at 30

Ryan Lambie Feature May 4, 2015

As the Director's Cut arrives on Blu-ray, Ryan pays a return visit to 1985's Commando, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger...

Terminator Genisys: new trailer reveals fresh details

Simon Brew Trailer Apr 13, 2015

Paramount releases fresh footage - and more hints - from Terminator Genisys, with a brand new trailer...

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Maggie: first trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Mar 26, 2015

Zombies and Arnold Schwarzenegger? That's what you get in Maggie, and here's the trailer to prove it...

Terminator Genisys 2: Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms return

Simon Brew News Feb 25, 2015

Terminator 6 will shoot next year, and Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms that he'll be part of it...

Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in Compare The Market adverts?

Ryan Lambie News Feb 4, 2015

According to The Sun, Arnold Schwarzenegger could be about to appear alongside some furry meerkats in an insurance advert...

Why True Lies 2 never happened

Simon Brew Feature Feb 4, 2015

James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger scored a big hit with True Lies. And yet, despite rumours, they never made True Lies 2...

The unmade films of James Cameron

Ryan Lambie Odd List Feb 4, 2015

From his psychological thriller to Spider-Man to Battle Angel, here's a look at the James Cameron-directed projects that never happened...