Titans Season 3 Will Introduce Barbara Gordon

DC Universe's Titans Season 3 will introduce Barbara Gordon...but she won't be Batgirl this time around.

Barbara Gordon as Oracle in DC Comics
Photo: DC Comics

If you thought you’d had all the DC news that you could take after the Snyder Cut, Flash, Milestone, and Wonder Woman 1984 panels, then DC FanDome had another surprise for you. In the Titans panel – which will air an extended version at the next part of the event on September 12 – there was news galore including a huge new addition to the cast. 

With Dick Grayson at the center of the dark and gritty DC Universe show (which is likely to make its way to HBO Max for Season 3 as DC Universe winds down its original video content), it was only a matter of time before his one-time lover part-time teammate Barbara Gordon turned up, but it was still a wonderful shock to have her arrival to the show confirmed.

Not only will Barbara Gordon become a major player in the upcoming series but the team will also head to Gotham where the ex-Bat-sidekick has a new job.

“Former Batgirl Barbara Gordon is now Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. Although she has a past relationship with Dick Grayson, she is wary of the Titans now being in Gotham,” the official DC press release explained. 

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I am personally a huge fan of Titans basically becoming Dick Grayson and his cadre of powerful ex-girlfriends, but aside from that aspect it’s incredibly exciting to see Babs come to the small screen. Titans has done a great job at creating radical, powerful, independent heroines who also get to be flawed, funny, and loveable. Babs deserves all of that and more, and her new role sets up an interesting conflict for Dick down the line.

Batman and Jim Gordon have always been reluctant allies and they don’t have any kind of (canon) romance between them. Here we get that strict law enforcement vs. vigilante drama mixed with interpersonal tension and that seems like it has the potential to be absolutely amazing. 

So who will be bringing Barbara Gordon to life? Well, we’ve yet to get any casting news but something really cool about her being an “ex-Batgirl” is that we could see a wheelchair-user bringing Babs to life. Maybe something that’s more along the lines of her Oracle storyline. Heck, who knows the heroine could even be living a double life as both Commissioner and the woman behind the screen for Dick and his ragtag teenage gang of heroes!

Plus, with the news that Jason Todd will be taking on some villainous duties of his own next season, Dick will need all the help that he can get to keep Gotham safe!