Black Adam Movie Concept Art Confirms Hawkman and the JSA

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam movie will feature Hawkman and other Justice Society of America members! Check out some concept art here...

Dwayne Johnson as DC's Black Adam (Concept Art)
Photo: Warner Bros.

In what might just be the most electrifying panel to come out of DC FanDome so far, Dwayne Johnson took a few minutes to tell fans all about the upcoming DCEU Black Adam movie, the story of a slave from ancient times who gains the power of Shazam, only to find himself corrupted before his ultimate fall…and resurrection in modern times. But Johnson’s Black Adam isn’t coming alone, he’s going to have a team of heroes to share the screen with. Whether they’re enemies or allies is another story entirely.

But Black Adam won’t be facing off with the Justice League (yet). Instead, he’s going to take on the Justice Society of America, a different team of heroes from another era who are currently training the next generation. We already suspected the JSA would make their big screen debut in this movie because of the casting of Noah Centineo as JSA member Atom Smasher, a young hero who finds himself in Adam’s orbit. But it’s time to meet Atom Smasher’s teammates as well.

The big screen Justice Society of the DCEU will consist of Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Cyclone, and the aforementioned Atom Smasher. This isn’t a team that has been chosen by accident.

In particular, both Hawkman and Dr. Fate are character with roots in the ancient history of the DC Universe. In many JSA comics written by Geoff Johns and others it is established that Hawkman knew Adam in a previous life back when he was Khufu of Ancient Egypt. Dr. Fate is powered by Nabu, a cosmic Lord of Order who also fought alongside both Hawkman and Black Adam in ancient times.

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Check out some concept art unveiling each of these members!

Here’s Hawkman…

Black Adam movie concept art: Hawkman

And meet Dr. Fate…

Black Adam movie concept art: Dr. Fate

Meet Cyclone, a young legacy hero in the JSA…

Black Adam movie concept art: Cyclone

And last but not least, the size changing Atom Smasher…

Black Adam Movie Concept Art Atom Smasher

Whether other DCEU superheroes make an appearance in this film remains to be seen, but Johnson made a special point of issuing a challenge (perhaps in character as Adam) to Flash, Shazam, Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and ESPECIALLY Superman about how he is going to shift the balance of power in the DC superhero movies. The fact that he also mentioned how the JSA fights for “truth and justice” seems like it might be a dig at the Man of Steel, too.

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Black Adam is currently scheduled to open on Dec. 22, 2021 release. The full schedule of upcoming DC superhero movies can be found here.