The Tomorrow People: Modus Vivendi review

The Tomorrow People might be hitting its end of season stride after a difficult couple of episodes. Here's Jen's review...

This review contains spoilers.

So, here we are at episode 19 of The Tomorrow PeopleNineteen. Game of Thrones has been renewed for ten episodes. Why? Because it’s good. Quality over quantity. But such is the plight of the network drama vs. the cable drama. Which brings us to “Modus Vivendi,” Which roughly translates as a “way of living,” or a kind of “deal with it” in diplomatic terms. Maybe. Hey, I took Spanish, not Latin.

Jed Price breaks into Ultra, proving that he is even more of a looney than the Founder seemed at first. He’s also a little jumpy while guarding brother Roger’s body with a pretty damn big gun. The machine designed to amplify Roger’s powers also provides a portal into a perfect world for the Tomorrow People to live in. Perhaps. You never know the truth in this show.

So…the Founder wants to meet up with Cara and John, since there’s a “cease fire” now. Anyone who knows anything about this show knows there is no such thing. Here are the key phrases that have absolutely no meaning on The Tomorrow People: “I promise.” “You have my word.” “Your friends are completely safe.” Etc., etc.

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Stephen is a bit distracted by Hillary, enough to stand up Astrid for dinner. “Stephen is having sex with the Ultra agent who tried to kill me?” Astrid asks. Valid question. Stephen also takes buddy Russell to meet the Founder, who may have possibly tainted a ’62 Bordeaux with electromagnetic tracers. I don’t think that would taste very good…would it? Or would no one notice? I’ve never had electromagnetic wine before. Does it taste weird?

Russell likes a party with wine, so I guess he doesn’t care.

The “little” truce party turns out a bit bigger than expected, with Stephen juggling his THREE women at once…while a tactical team goes to take out Jed and John. Jed then ends up threatening to kill the frozen Roger…after guarding him…say what? He really has lost his mind.

However, in order to save Roger, they have to call in…Marla. A nurse. Wow. This will be interesting. Will Marla be able to save her frozen half dead husband? And why does Stephen need to rip his shirt off to go into the Machine to save his dad?

Not that I mind…ahem…I’m married, not dead.

Anyway, Roger has been resurrected, while Hillary has turned into a double agent herself…which may present complications.

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Final review: “Modus Vivendi” has proven to be one of the better episodes in a while for this season. Multilayered without being overly complicated. I might actually look forward to Episode 20.

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4 out of 5