The Tomorrow People: A Sort Of Homecoming review

Messiah-like resurrection? Zombie apocalypse? Nope, it's this week's The Tomorrow People.

Roger is finally back from the dead. I will assume that it’s just a coincidence that his resurrection has occurred right around Easter, but now I have to wonder if his return will be all peaceful and Christ-like, or more like the zombie apocalypse we were all supposed to experience back on 12/21/12. What I’m fairly sure of is that the tentative truce between Ultra and the Tomorrow People isn’t going to hold for long, and there is sure to be plenty more double crossing and hidden agendas before the season finale next Monday.

Once again, a character has gone missing for a few episodes. Like Cassie (the Founder’s daughter, who met her tragic end with a deflected bullet), Morgan has vanished after Jed learned from John that she is carrying Jed’s child. This news was NOT well received, but even with the truce, will Morgan come out of hiding as Jed becomes more and more unhinged? What is his role in Ultra now that he’s gone into hiding and the Founder has taken over? If Ultra is using the truce as a ploy to crush Cara and her gang, will the Tomorrow People try to do the same and take the foundation down?

On a side note, last week I lost vision in my left eye, so I am typing half-blind…but at least this is safer than my driving has been since last Monday. I’m off the road. You can all rest easy. For now.

Although Roger makes peace with John, it might not be so easy with wife Marla, who isn’t happy that her newly revived husband plans on jumping back into the fight with Ultra. He’s also at odds with Cara, who doesn’t want Roger going topside to his family, risking everyone’s safety. To settle the dispute, Roger fights John…pretty damn well for a guy who was dead and frozen for six years.

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As if the family dinner weren’t already awkward, Hillary shows up uninvited, but Roger smooths everything over with a lovely speech and a literal raising of glasses for a toast. Will it be the Last Supper, since Hillary is there to betray both him and Stephen, like a little blond Judas? And if Roger does lead the Tomorrow People against Ultra, how does he plan to defeat them when his kind can’t kill normal human beings?

Jed taps into Ultra’s network to get information about the mysterious machine, which can be powered by either Stephen OR Roger, since their genes are similar. (While at Jed’s apartment, Roger does see a picture of Jed with Morgan, but that might be all we see of her for now. Jed is too busy making naughty banter with his computer Alice anyway.) Just as Roger decides the plan is to get into Ultra HQ and destroy the machine, it’s being moved, and when Stephen and Roger go to intercept it, a scene from a previous episode starts to play out all over again: John standing there with a gun pointed at Roger’s chest.

So, if there’s a “truce,” what’s it going to be like if the factions wage all-out war on each other? Oy vey.

I can’t believe John shoots him AGAIN. After all the guilt, really? But it’s a cover to actually SAVE Roger and destroy the machine. When John gets caught, it takes several hits with the needle to remove his powers…all witnessed by a terrified Hillary, who has ALSO just betrayed Roger and finally reveals her true colors to Stephen. I think THAT relationship has officially gone down the toilet now, but Hillary goes to Astrid, desperately asking for a favor. In one hour, Astrid has to call Hillary “to save them all.” Hmm…ominous.

We get an explosive ending, with Hillary confronting the Founder and a bomb that detonates as soon as Astrid places the phone call. Did it kill the Founder as well? Looks like we have to wait for the finale to find out!

Final review: Things are headed in a clearer direction, even with a few subplots (Russell watching over a disgruntled group of Tomorrow People who go right into Ultra to get D-chip trackers implanted, for instance). Jed’s finally chosen a side, sticking with his brother and nephew to keep the Founder from destroying humankind with the machine that brought Roger back. I wasn’t surprised to see Hillary go up in flames after playing double agent and lying to the man she loved. Maybe this will pave the way for Astrid to get with Stephen? Too soon?

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3.5 out of 5