The Tomorrow People: Brother’s Keeper review

The Tomorrow People delivers an episode so compelling that it would have worked as a season finale! Here's Jen's review of Brother's Keeper.

In the last episode of The Tomorrow People, we found out that Stephen’s mom Marla is a Tomorrow Person too. I personally wasn’t surprised, but we still don’t know how much she knows about Jed’s company and what Stephen is doing there. I figured that “Brother’s Keeper” would be about Stephen and his brother Luka, but it turns out that there are twins who help each other carry out hits. One victim is a witness in a mob case, but the million dollar payout gets swiped by Cara and Russell, who are hunting the killer at the same time Stephen and Hillary are. Hillary is quite the little brute, smacking captives around. They give up information pretty easily, I guess.

The appearance of twins, one a Tomorrow Person (Cyrus), one not (Nathan), is pretty much Jedikiah’s wet dream. Ultra catches one. Cara catches the other. Jed arranges a trap, hoping to be able to study both. The problem is, trying to transfer powers from one sibling to another doesn’t end well for the one with the powers, as they die a horrible painful death, but Jed is willing to give it another go for science’s sake! Try, try again, right?

Well, Cara sends Cyrus straight to Ultra with a gun. When he teleports in, he says he’s unarmed, but no one really bothers to check. Really? No one noticed the handgun right there in his waistband? And after the ensuing shootout, Nathan doesn’t notice Hillary reaching for her own gun? No, because Nathan ends up dead, with Cyrus teleporting out and Jed literally in tears, which we don’t see very often. Or at all.

The show keeps returning to family as well, and I’m sure we all know that family doesn’t necessarily mean blood relatives. In John’s conversation with Marla, he stresses that the Tomorrow People are Stephen’s family as much as she and Luka are. Nathan appears to be betraying his brother, but in aiding him pays with his life. Lastly, and most important, Jed has his brother Roger’s body in a glowing chamber that looks more comfy than Han Solo’s carbon freeze. Even though Jed has given Stephen his job back and vouched for his safety, he’s still lying about Roger’s body being cremated.

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So the big question in the end is, what happens when Stephen finds his dad? What are Jed’s plans? Is he going to keep Roger under wraps or bring him out when the time is right, and when will that happen?

One thing is certain: John and Cara are finished. They parted on bad terms, she got in over her head trying to lead the Tomorrow People, and her attempt to reconcile with John is rebuffed pretty coldly. John thinks she’s bent on hiring killers to do the dirty work; Cara just wants him back because she misses him. Too little, too late honey. And now I have that glimmer of hope that she’ll hook back up with Stephen. I like Astrid and all, but Cara’s pretty badass.

Final review: This episode would have made a great season finale, but I see that there’s more to come, and the show still holds my interest. There are still secrets the characters are keeping from each other. When everything comes to a head, it’s going to be explosive. After a disappointing episode 13, “Brother’s Keeper” has reignited some plot lines that have gone by the wayside. The only other thing I can hope for is that the Founder and his daughter will reappear.

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4 out of 5