The Tomorrow People: Son of Man review

The season finale of the Tomorrow People ends on a cliffhanger. Does this mean we might get a second season?

As of this writing, there’s still no official word on whether or not the show is coming back for round two. A visit to garnered this quote: “Actor Jeffrey Pierce has hinted that the show’s first season will end on a cliffhanger, increasing the need for Season 2.”

Well, of course it’s going to end on a cliffhanger…the world may be destroyed by the Founder! But is there a “need” for a second season? The show is not only competing with Dancing with the Stars, tonight it will butt heads with the two hour premiere of 24: Live Another Day. I’m sure there’s enough material for The Tomorrow People to get through a second season, especially since several relationships between characters are changing rapidly (most notably John and Astrid gravitating toward each other). Like SyFy’s series Haven, the homo superiors are concentrated into a small area with all their powers, used for both good and evil, and no one is ever really safe. Haven, however, is loosely based on the writings of Stephen King, so it has hundreds of spooky plot lines it can pull from. The Tomorrow People…not so much.

Jed’s thieving of Irene’s powers wears off pretty quickly, but he’s insistent on saving his brother after Russell’s betrayal. Will Jed kill Roger to save humanity, though? “Do it for me,” Roger pleads…and, Jed does.

But of course, Roger’s powers have been sucked into the machine and a live person is no longer needed. Stephen flees, and Roger teleports himself and Jed away just before he dies. Stephen ends up literally wiping blood off his hands. Being a double agent will do that to you.

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John is facing an interesting dilemma: Now that he can’t hear Cara’s thoughts, “everything feels empty.” He’s human now, and is in danger of losing his life. Russell is asked to do even more, after retrieving Roger, being called on by the Founder to bring in Cara and Stephen as well. Plus, Jed is getting drunk again, watching old movies.

So, Jed might be playing sides to his advantage, but Russell is now truly a dick. I understand that he has a kill switch inside his head, and he really wants to stay alive, but that was the risk he took going to Ultra and being the first volunteer. Funny how when your life is on the line, the game suddenly changes and you’ll kill other people to save your own hide.

In addition to all of this, the Founder ordered a bunch of chemicals made to turn Tomorrow People into killers. Which might explain the squad sent to try to shoot Cara and Russell. They can stop bullets…duh…

Advance reviews of the show said there would be a “bittersweet” moment between John and Astrid. They share one last kiss, as human beings, equals…and then my screen froze. Thanks, Time Warner Cable. Thanks a lot.

During his face off with the Founder, Stephen says, “You killed my father!” I mentally added, “Prepare to die!”

And not only can Stephen stop time…he can reverse it, saving Cara’s life after she gets shot by the blonde bitch who went topside to get the D-chip inserted into her head. And the Founder? Shot into a big black hole by Stephen. So, is this where the series should end? I’m not sure I would not be able to take another 22 episodes.

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Jed offers John his powers back via Roger’s DNA, while Cara reveals that Breakouts are coming out in droves to meet their new leader…Stephen. “We’re gonna need a bigger lair.” Right on.

Final review: Not sure of the future of this show, which has been my feeling from the start. Even the CW is on the fence about it. Will Jed make John his super soldier? Will John turn in Cara to be the first recruit? We may never know…

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4 out of 5