The Tomorrow People: Smoke and Mirrors review

The Tomorrow People is falling prey to the "too many episodes in a season" syndrome that many shows display at this time of year.

So, we go into the eighteenth episode of The Tomorrow People with no end in sight (alright, fine, a few more episodes)…and I find myself wanting to watch the second half of Dancing With the Stars instead. The few people I know who still watch and with whom I have talked about the show have given me a resounding “meh.” There’s something to be said for genuinely suspenseful double crosses, etc. but things have gotten so muddled, it doesn’t even matter where the plot line ends up. Basic idea: Family means everything! However, your relatives still might lie to, injure, kidnap, drug, and yes, even kill you, but hey, blood is thicker than water!

Perhaps even more important…why would someone name one child “Roger” and another “Jedikiah?”

Speaking of the brothers, Jed keeps talking about a “plan.” There have been hints that he wants to own the Tomorrow People’s powers, so why create an organization as large as Ultra, which seems hell bent on killing the more evolved human race? If experiments on transference of powers have failed miserably already, how does Roger play into it? If Jed gets the powers…then what? There had better be a reaaaaaaallllllly good explanation for this whole mess.

The Founder’s swift takeover after Jed runs off turns Ultra on its head. No more killing. No more experiments. So, the Founder really isn’t as evil as we thought. The appearance of a new breakout brings up tensions between Stephen and Hillary. Result? CHICK FIGHT. Okay, Stephen punches John for show. Still a chick fight.

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Jed shows up at Stephen’s house to spill the beans to Luka, who just thinks he’s crazy. The purpose of this visit and confession is…what exactly? To put Luka in danger? Jed calls it a “paranormal intervention.” Which basically means “crazy.”

It’s nice to know that Jed has spent all this time telling Stephen not to use his powers in public, but then he tells Stephen’s brother everything about said powers. After Astrid’s life was at stake? Well anyway, the Founder offers a truce: Trade breakout Monty for peace. But…why does he want Monty? Sending out a squad? For a magician? Say what???

Jed shows John Roger’s frozen body, still claiming they need to take out the Founder. We still have no real idea what the “plan” is, but suddenly Stephen and Hillary are making out and…oh, my…

Sorry, what was I talking about?

Anyway, Stephen is supposed to find a refuge for the Tomorrow People, with the device fashioned by his father, whose body is still hidden. Stephen is even dumb enough to try a test run on the device…again, ANOTHER perfect season ending! But no, this is the Show That Never Ends. It’s like a movie that’s gone on an hour too long. Enough already.

Final review: As I said, enough already. That’s all I got.

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2 out of 5