The Tomorrow People: Death’s Door

There are plenty of near-death experiences on display in the mid-season finale of The Tomorrow People!

It’s Tomorrow People meets Flatliners in tonight’s mid-season finale! John has been captured by Ultra. Stephen knows his father is dead, but is he really? What does Jed have planned for his “son” now that he has control over him at last?

The Founder seems to have Vader-like, pain causing powers, along with some pretty powerful force fields that he uses to torture John. Cara and Russell try to find Jed’s girlfriend Morgan near Montauk Point. Surprisingly, Morgan seems to have an edge on Cara, but she and Russell subdue her and try to use her to get John back. “Give me back the thing I love,” Cara tells him, “and I might just return the favor.” Jed catches onto Stephen’s time stopping abilities, but, duh, he already knows Stephen is a double agent who will lead them to the Tomorrow People. Jed is the one who helps John escape with Stephen to help Morgan. I do have to say that there’s a LOT of good acting going on here during the escape and all the double crosses…nice! Jed wants Morgan to go to the Tomorrow People’s lair. “Please take her or I will call the Kill Squad myself,” he says. Stephen insists his dad isn’t dead…but how do they get to him? Teleporting doesn’t work. When Stephen asks his mom about Roger (dad), she brings out a box of information that’s been lying dormant. She knows about Thanatos, though, and Stephen can’t leave it alone. “Cause you’re a seeker, just like him,” Marla says. The Founder is none too happy to hear of Jed’s relationship with a Tomorrow Person. Stephen finds video of his dad with Aldous Creek, while Cara and John talk in private about assassinating Roger. I think their relationship is finally on its deathbed, after his confession. (secretly applauding inside!) Just as Aldous is telling Stephen about Thanatos, he gets bumped off. Stephen insists on being killed in order to find Limbo, and his father, recreating the moment when he was drowning. “The whole reason you tracked me down is so I can find him,” he says. Only John can kill, so he gets to give Stephen the needle. Ouch. We finally get an appearance from Astrid when Stephen has a party at his house. She sits next to Cara, asking questions, and grills Stephen about why the two sides of his life had to meet. Jed has one last night with his girlfriend…and then shoots her in the head. What??? Now, I get that she may be compromising his security, but come on! Is this guy really THAT cold? I mean, she was asleep, but…what? OK, no, she’s alive…he faked killing her to save his own ass. Stephen is getting prepped for his own death. Awful lot of killing in this show. But Stephen’s last plea to Cara: Let John off the hook. Not that I want to see you together… Stephen flatlines…then comes back suddenly, claiming to have seen his dad. Final review: This was almost what I expected, thinking that we would be left wondering if Stephen was dead or alive. Morgan’s death was faked…not sure what that means or where it will lead. And I’m not even sure if John and Cara’s relationship is over or not. She is obviously drawn to Stephen, but feels enormous guilt over their tryst even though John has been lying to her for years. 

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3 out of 5