The Tomorrow People: Things Fall Apart review

The Tomorrow People leaves too many unanswered questions but still manages to be predictable, in the latest episode. Here's Jen's review...

With less than ten episodes left in the first season of The Tomorrow People, we have to take a minute to ask…Where is this all going? I mean, if normal human beings can kill the “evolved,” why don’t they just kill them? Jed easily popped off one of his own agents without hesitation in the pilot, but both Cara and John escaped before their powers were taken away. Why didn’t Jed just kill them? Why do the bad guys always make conversation and take their time instead of just getting the job done? Sheesh.

And surely, Jed isn’t hesitant to commit genocide just because he’s banging a member of the enemy camp, right? Although Morgan seems to be getting a little cozier with John, and perhaps Cara will resume her dalliances with Stephen. Speaking of Stephen, Mr. Modern Day Janus, where does the show go from here now that pretty much all the characters know that he’s working as a double agent? He keeps fronting with Jed, but come on…Jed knows, and Stephen knows he knows. And Jed knows Stephen knows he knows. Follow?Ahem…anyway, the big question at this point is whether or not Roger’s body can be found and if Roger (who is Stephen’s dad) can somehow be brought back from the limbo his soul is floating around in. My guess is that it will be the cliffhanger at the end of the season, but for now, we have to deal with the fact that Stephen’s mom Marla is dating again, after a decade, and her shifty new boyfriend wants to take the family camping while Stephen leaves friend Astrid vulnerable to attack from Ultra…who have just figured out in the twelfth episode that she is important.Add to this the pressure Stephen is getting from his new mates at Ultra HQ, who feel like he’s teacher’s pet. Yes…he’s Jed’s nephew, and the link to finding the already discovered Tomorrow People lair. Shadow War? Why have these two factions not outright slaughtered each other already?Tonight’s episode borrows the title of Nigerian author Chinua Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart (1958). The book’s story centered around an African tribal leader whose world starts to crumble and who finally commits suicide not long after missionaries screw everything up in the village. With Cara now in charge, Astrid both threatened and being used as leverage, and new agent trainee Hillary out for Stephen’s blood, the center cannot hold and it seems like both species’ worlds will fall apart (although I still have a hard time considering the Tomorrow People a species).Stephen quits Ultra, and Jed actually just lets him walk out of the building, and the creepy Founder is not happy at all. But he makes a deal: Stephen brings in the Founder’s breakout daughter in exchange for Astrid’s safety. These types of deals are about as binding as worn out Velcro in this show. Problem is, Cara wants daughter Cassandra brought in as well, so I’m not really sure where this new chick will end up, aside from possibly in bed with Stephen at a swanky hotel. Which means this whole thing is probably a setup to trap him.Cassandra, like a few of the other characters, has a few daddy issues. She’s so pissed at the Founder that she’s willing to give up her powers. I notice more inconsistencies this time. How does Stephen still have access to Ultra when he quit? Wouldn’t that be a major risk, letting him get back in? If Cassie is wearing a suppression cuff, how is she able to telepathically communicate with Cara? If Ultra is so super secret, how is Stephen’s mom Marla able to just waltz into Jed’s office and rip him a new asshole?Final review: I can understand why The Tomorrow People is losing viewers. It has an interesting premise, but seems to be declining into more of a sci-fi soap opera, with the twists and turns becoming more annoying than suspenseful or intriguing. It’s become predictable in each episode that there will be a new character and some kind of double cross that keeps everything between the Tomorrow People and Ultra in a stalemate. The big “surprise” at the end? Marla has powers too…which is not really a surprise.

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2 out of 5