The Tomorrow People: Superhero review

Some members of the Tomorrow People want to save the world. Others just want the other kind of action...

The Tomorrow People has moved to Monday night. Which means that it interferes and/or competes with (depending on your point of view) Worst Cooks in America (on Food Network) and more popular shows like Dancing with the Stars, which premieres tonight. At least The Bachelor is over though, right? Is there a reason for the day change? Perhaps. The Tomorrow People is starting to feel like The Series with No End, going into its sixteenth episode, and it’s run into the problem that so many network shows do: it would have worked much better as 13 episode season. Every so often, it goes off on a tangent, making almost zero progress in terms of the main plot line, which is Stephen finding his father’s cryogenically frozen body and what happens when he does. Unfortunately, “Superhero” is one of those episodes.

At least “Superhero” is full of, um, action (including some between Cara and John, who are back together). The weird device Stephen found may lead him to his father, but Russell has the brilliant young male idea to get Stephen drunk and “weird.” Of course, as per formula, there’s a new breakout using her powers to save people, and she happens to be someone Russell met four years before and is now known as the Red Avenger.

And yeah there’s more, um, action…in the flashbacks…

Morgan also goes topside to visit Jed and get into his head, and there’s more…action. Ohhhh right, it’s almost spring. Spring fever. Got it.

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It is pretty cool that the Tomorrow People are using their powers to help save people instead of just fight each other, or defend each other. Still, it creates problems. Russell’s view is already conflicting with John and Cara’s. Should some of the Tomorrow People go all Kick Ass to help people? Or should they stick to their own problems? And Morgan is PREGNANT? Say what???

Hillary opens up to Stephen about her past, and they get closer, with her confessing she would do anything to protect people…”which is why I work for Ultra.” Okay, but the people at Ultra are kind of assholes…so…

Best quote so far: “We were born great, so that we may do great things.” It leads Russell to defy Cara, and “choose greatness.” No fighting Ultra. No working for them either. Just being a free agent, doing random acts of kick-assery all over! In the Tomorrow People lair, this is not a popular position. And how better to tell Jed that his girlfriend is pregnant when he’s choking her out for being deceptive? John shows up to save her just in time, delivering the good news. Jed even has the nerve to ask if the baby is his. Level of trust among all players in this show just went waaaaaaay down.

A hostage situation at a courthouse turns into “fun” for Red Avenger Mallory and Russell, with Cara serving as a decoy to keep Ultra away. Talia, the original Red Avenger, returns only to tell Russell goodbye. (No action there…awwww.) But then Hillary and Stephen hook up…

What the hell? Is this the hookup episode?

And yet, right after kissing his partner, Stephen uses the device he got to immediately find his dad’s body, only to be caught by Uncle Jed. The man who said he would never lie, etc. blah blah. So, off we go into episode seventeen….

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Final review: Yes, the plot line advanced. No, it was not the way I was hoping. The show is reaching too far and creating too much confusion with new/old characters, romantic connections, etc. I can see why viewership is down. There may be twists, but there is little emotional connection to keep viewers glued to the set.

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2 out of 5