The Tomorrow People: Thanatos, Review

The Tomorrow People keeps getting better...and more mysterious! Here's our review of Season 1 Episode 8, "Thanatos!"

The Tomorrow People kidnap Uncle Jed. That little factoid alone should tell you that things are not going to end well in this episode. I’m surprised, with all the telepathic links the characters have, that the Tomorrow People’s lair hasn’t been discovered by Ultra before now. So many mistakes have been made since Stephen’s arrival, half the cast should probably be dead. Will the show hold enough water to get through a second season? My jury’s still out on that one.

Thanatos was the word Stephen’s father spoke to him when he told Stephen to save himself. Thanatos is the god of death, so…what does it mean? Could it have something to do with Jed’s little project that’s been giving him nightmares? Stephen did some digging and the files have been buried. Cara and Russell decide to go to Jed’s and sneak into his thoughts for a bit, and after getting in so easily, Russell manages to screw up, and ends up stuck behind with Jed while Cara escapes. Russell doesn’t exactly plan on taking Jed back to the lair, but, well…oops! They both teleport back. So, Jed actually believes that Cara’s powers were stripped away by Stephen? He’s not stupid. And he threatens to reveal the truth about John’s past as a killer, and a survivor of the Thanatos project. When Stephen gets called back to Ultra HQ, he gets to meet “the Founder,” who was the voice in the mansion back in Episode 1. Turns out he is quite familiar with Stephen’s dad AND uncle. He’s a creepy looking guy with a slick British accent…could he possibly look more evil? He provides Ultra with a team of super telepaths seeking Jed through their minds. Cara informs Stephen of Jed’s girlfriend, Morgan, who can probably be used as a pawn against Jed. In the meantime, he’s getting the snot beaten out of him by Cara, bleeding all over his nice white shirt. John shows a little sympathy, only because Jed took him under his wing and treated him like a son, while at the same time screwing with his mind by giving him some pretty intense assignments. Stephen captures Morgan, asking her about her relationship with Jed, and she thinks she’s been betrayed but he lets her go before the agents can get a hold of her. Could he have used her to manipulate his uncle? Yes, and he chose not to. Life as a Tomorrow Person must be so terribly complicated. Thanatos is Aldous Creek, aka Dr. Death. Jed finally dishes after everyone learns that he’s been “bumping naughties with the enemy,” as Russell so eloquently puts it. And when one of the telepaths gives a little lip to the Founder? Yank…wires pulled. Dead. Kind of like Vader killing an underling but without all the choking and wheezing. Jed fakes choking on his food, forcing Cara to reveal that she still has her powers. “If he ever gets free, Stephen is dead,” John says. “Unless Jedikiah never gets out,” Cara replies. Unfortunately, the Founder is honing in on the location. Ultra agents are speeding toward the lair on a subway as John releases Jed, but then pulls a gun on him. Stephen’s father is dead; John killed him and has been leading the Tomorrow People on a fake quest. He fires every round in his gun behind Jed, sparing him…for now, but there’s another betrayal when John is ambushed and captured. As he’s dragged into Ultra, he and Stephen look at each other, and you know that something passes between them. Yikes. Final review: A few funny moments lightened this episode. When Russ enters Jed’s apartment, he finds an expensive chair and says, “Why do bad guys always have such great style?” And Stephen chews out robot Tim after using a horrible accent to get Cara and Russell inside. “Shut up, Tim. Shut your face.” We were never really sure whether Stephen’s dad was alive or dead; now that we know he’s been killed by John, what happens? The Tomorrow People recruited Stephen to find him. What will his mission be now? How will the others react when they find out?Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!


4 out of 5