The Tomorrow People: Kill Switch review

The last episode before the season finale doesn't quite raise the stakes the way we were hoping, unfortunately...

As with many other shows and movies the last few years (The Hunger Games, Divergent, Defiance, Star Crossed, Haven), the common theme lately seems to be that being different is dangerous. Not necessarily bad, just…threatening to the powers that be. That being said, though, the protagonists who are “different” are also very strong hero figures, so a mixed message is being sent. Stand up for what’s right, great…but you may lose your life for it. Fair? No, but maybe that is a true reflection of our society as it stands today. Be yourself at some possibly very large risk.

The Tomorrow People has been a roller coaster, with some episodes hitting high marks and some hitting the lowest of lows. There are some pretty large plot holes, major issues that go unaddressed, and a general lack of connection and passion that I have felt in other shows I have reviewed. I am not a person who gets emotionally invested in television shows, but I would love to continue watching Defiance and Continuum because of their sheer intensity. The Tomorrow People lacks that. It seems like a bunch of pretty people, mutants or not, in a power struggle that really isn’t necessary at all. Like Haven, everything is concentrated into one small area with disastrous results.

I had also hoped, as we head towards the season finale that Roger and Marla’s reunion would be slightly more…passionate? If I had been separated from the love of my life for ten years and then had the chance to reconnect, I think there would be a little more heat. Marla seems cold and annoyed more than anything, as does Luka, and the fact that Marla has powers of her own is pretty much ignored.

The Founder has survived Hillary’s blast, and Jed tries to plead his case to no avail, getting taken into custody. John sends a message to Cara to negotiate a truce.

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Wait…wasn’t there already a truce? *facepalm*

The D-chip injected into the Tomorrow People has a death switch that can kill them instantly. One hour, and Cara must bring Roger to the Founder. So much for Ultra going “back to its roots” and protecting its people. No pressure or anything.

Jedikiah ends up in a psych ward screaming like Sarah Connor did in Terminator 2. We finally get to see Marla assert herself by teleporting him out of there, rather humorously. While he is in the lab, Morgan’s pregnancy rears its ugly head again. For all of Jed’s talk about survival of the fittest, why has he turned against Ultra now?

Morality. Such a complicated thing.

And I don’t know who the blond cornrow bitch is, but she has no right complaining about Ultra when she was the first to march in there to get the D-chip. And John with Astrid? After the passionate reunion with Cara? What the WHAT?

Marla finally gets to shine, defending Roger from an ambush orchestrated by Russell (very, VERY disappointing), but gives him up to save son Luka. And Jed injects lab tech Ingrid…whaaat again???

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Final review: My big thing with this show is that you don’t hear anyone saying, “Wow, you missed (blank)!” And the show is never, ever mentioned on the local radio station’s media recap. This is another pretty lukewarm episode, with mediocre acting and nothing that will truly surprise anyone to the point that they will even talk about it at the water cooler the next day. Jedikiah has powers now…wow. Shocker, since that’s what he wanted all along. Astrid with John? Weak, since John and Cara were so close. I just don’t understand the dynamics here at all.

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3 out of 5