Stath Lets Flats Series 3: Channel 4 Renews its Funniest* Comedy

*See also: Derry Girls. Jamie Demetriou’s brilliant Stath Lets Flats is officially coming back for series 3!

Stath Lets Flats Jamie Demetriou
Photo: Channel 4

Netflix may be busily wielding the scythe of cancellation (give us back our GLOW, you curs) while Covid-19 is doing its level best to mess up all that’s good in the world (new Peaky Blinders, cinemas, and holding hands with strangers on the bus) but thanks to Channel 4, there’s hope on the horizon. Stath Lets Flats is officially returning for a third series. And he hasn’t even had an egg for energy or nothing.

The comedy’s three-Bafta win earlier this year gives the renewal news a ‘well, dur’ slant. If the cast were up for it, of course Channel 4 would make more. It’d be mad not to. The sitcom has one of the best comedy casts and most distinct voices around – specifically, the voice of creator and star Jamie Demetriou who plays Greek-Cypriot lettings agent and golden-hearted idiot Stath.

Demetriou stars in the series alongside his comedian sister Natasia, of What We Do in the Shadows fame. She plays Stath’s sister Sophie, a sort of Labrador in human form. There’s also Al Roberts of comedy trio Sheeps, Ghosts’ Kiell Smith-Bynoe and Katy Wix, and The Other One’s Ellie White. Presiding over them all as Stath and Sophie’s long-suffering dad Vasos is Christos Stergioglou.

The renewal news was unofficially reported earlier this week by the British Comedy Guide. Katy Wix, who plays lettings agent Carol, a sort of Apprentice contestant in the wild, told the Standard Issue podcast (always great, do give it a listen) that the third series had the green light.

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In August this year, Wix told Den of Geek she was crossing her fingers for more Stath and hoped that the show’s recent Bafta wins had given Demetriou sway with the channel. “I hope they’ll just let him do more and whatever he wants to do.” She praised the cast’s level of dedication behind the scenes, saying “Jamie really, really cares and everyone involved really cares. There’s no ‘that’ll do’. Everyone takes it seriously and wants it to be the best it could be. Sometimes it’s not even what’s funniest, it’s what’s the most original. Everyone who makes it us comedy-literate enough to be like ‘we could do that but is that what other shows would do? Maybe we should do this, it’s a bit weirder but really funny’. It’s all character-driven as well, it’s thinking, ‘How would Al pick up his phone?’ There’s just a lot of attention to detail on Stath. A lot of love.”

If you’ve yet to have the pleasure, here’s a compilation of the funniest moments (it’s quite long; it’s a funny show), though it should be said that the true pleasure of Stath Lets Flats isn’t in standalone clips, but in getting to know the characters, so you’re best off just watching the lot.

Stream series one and two on All 4 here.