Jane The Virgin, Chapter 10 Review

In tonight’s episode; a storm keeps Gina from her abuela’s hospital bedside and pushes her briefly into Michael’s arms.

Tonight’s Jane the Virgin reminded us why we still like Michael but just how perfect Raphael (and the entire cast’s hair) is.

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We begin with Jane and her mother Xiomara at Abeula Alba’s hospital bedside, after Petra’s mother pushed Alba down the hotel steps leading into the winter hiatus. Jane leaves to go find her abuela’s rosary beads where she fell in Rafael’s hotel and a doctor tells Xiomara that when Alba wakes up, she will be deported because she is not here legally. Jane becomes trapped by the storm at the hotel and later in an elevator with Michael. So naturally, Rafael manages to get the elevator doors open at the worst possible time. Well not the worst, worst, this is a PG show. But Jane and Michael were hugging while sitting, so it was practically cuddling!


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The fact that Michael called whomever he did to tell them Jane’s abuela was a key witness in a case in order to keep her from being deported gave me so many emotions. Such smart writing the day before President Obama’s final State of the Union, such a selfless and quick thinking thing for Michael to do for Jane that could jeopardize his job, and such an infuriating thing that this happens in real life.


Jane and Rafael make up with some adorable CW smooching and then Rafael learns more things about his father that he should have had some sort of insight into, being that it’s his father and Rafael runs his company, but yet again Rafael looks like he’s being sidelined. If this is just some ruse and Rafael is in on it, that could be really interesting, but I wouldn’t bet on it because Jane’s baby daddy turning out to be a kingpin not in tone with the show.


  • Lusia and Rose have all the fun! And those handcuffs were made in record time, I need a tutorial.
  • There were more guns drawn in this telenovela than in an episode of Homeland. Death feels weirdly inconsequential with the shove down the stairs that led up to this episode or Ivan threatening to kill Petra’s mom unless Petra gave him all her jewelry and she shrugs and says “you’ve heard the way she speaks to me” like those are comparable.
  • We all knew she was going to let her friend go over the woman with two kids right? It was very symbolic, Jane choosing between her old life of friends first and new life of motherhood first. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not pregnant because I definitely would have chosen my friend!

I give this episode 4 out of 5 stars. The Sin Rostro story line is weirdly boring, because Rafael looks so clean in it all. Michael’s suspicions about him are starting to look less like detective work and more like paranoia. Everything else though is pretty on point. Which makes sense, because CW’s first actress won her first golden globe for this show! 

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4 out of 5