Jane the Virgin Season 5 Release Date, Story Details, and News

Jane the Virgin Season 5 will be a big finale for the beloved TV show. Here's what we know about the season premiere!

OK friends, first the good news: Jane the Virgin Season 5 has been officially renewed by The CW. Now the not so good: this is the show’s final season.

The show just released a touching, joyful tribute to the final season, with the cast weighing in on what to expect from the show’s final outing. Check it out…


Here’s everything else we know for now, including some major story details about the Season 5 premiere…

Jane the Virgin Season 5 Release Date

When will Jane the Virgin Season 5 return? The show will return on Wednesday, March 27th at 9pm ET with a premiere directed by Gina Rodriguez herself. Gina first directed an episode in season four (“Chapter Seventy-Four”).

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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episodes

Here are the episode synopses for the first two “chapters” of the final season…

Jane the Virgin Season 5, Episode 1: Chapter Eighty-Two

Jane makes a shocking discovery and looks to Rafael for answers; Rafael decides to put everything he and Jane have on hold; Petra is trying to secure a future with JR, but her past might jeopardize everything.

Original airdate: 3/27/19

Jane the Virgin Season 5, Episode 2: Chapter Eighty-Three

With Jane’s guilt starting to settle in, she turns to Alba for advice and gets an unexpected answer; Luisa decides to go see Rose with Rafael by her side to help get answers; Rogelio is back to work with River, but a power struggle ensues.

Original airdate: 4/3/19

Jane the Virgin Season 5 Story

The end of last season left us with a ton of cliffhangers. First and foremost: Michael is back. It’s not an evil twin, but EP Jennie Urman is still leaving the door open for some other shenanigans. She says we’ll have our answer very quickly in the Jane the Virgin season 5 premiere, which picks up pretty much immediately after the end of last season.

Is this more of Sinrostro’s identity-stealing madness, in an effort to be with Luisa? I can’t see how, but we do know that Rose is the one who told Rafael about Michael, or whoever it is that looks exactly like Michael.

Now if Michael is suddenly not dead, in spite of his season 3 death, does that mean he and Jane are still legally married? What about all that time Jane spent processing her feelings – the boxing, the book writing, and oh yeah, her whole relationship with Rafael? When we last saw them, Rafael and Jane had found the perfect apartment and Rafael was about to propose. He even got permission from Xo, Alba, and Rogelio!

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Will Rafael even tell Jane he was going to propose, or will he step back in an ill-fated attempt to do what’s right? Will Rogelio faint when he sees his bestie back from the dead? Will sales of Jane’s book about her and Michael’s love story skyrocket when people find out he’s alive after all? And why is Michael alive? Deep undercover seems like the most realistic option but having all his friends and family think he died is brutal.

According to star Gina Rodriguez, we can expect those old #TeamMichael feelings to come flooding back, because Jane the Virgin season 5 is going back to basics and bringing everything back to the original love triangle.

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The rest of the cast had their own explosive endings, too. In a fun twist on the famous Dallas cliffhanger, one of the biggest in soap history, we still don’t know who JR shot – could it be Petra, or Petra’s unseen attacker? EP Jennie Snyder Urman says it’s someone Petra knows, but it’s not Magda. Straight out of a telenovela, right?

And not to keep bringing it back to Michael, but Petra, Rafael and Jane worked hard to figure out the dynamic for their blended family, including adding JR – what will happen when Michael comes back into the mix?

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When we last saw Xiomara, she was going through chemotherapy for her cancer and doing her best to support Rogelio for his show with River Fields, guest star Brooke Shields. Alba just became a citizen and then married Jorge to help him stay in the country – in spite of their last two failed marriage proposals. Alba is safe, but is her heart? And what if she’s found to be committing fraud? Obviously if anything bad happens to Alba or Xo, we riot.

Jane the Virgin Season 5 Cast

You can expect all of your old favorites to return – Gina Rodriguez stars and Jane Villanueva and Justin Baldoni as Rafael Solano.

Obviously the big news is that Brett Dier (Michael) is returning to the cast. For those who have seen the ads for Dier’s new comedy Unschooled, not to worry! Dier is definitely still involved in Jane the Virgin Season 5.


Brooke Shields will continue her guest spot as Rafael’s frenemy-turned-costar River Fields. This season they will be shooting their pilot of the American version of The Passions of Santos. Time for Rogelio to finally make his crossover!

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One other cast member will be making a special…appearance. Fans have long loved the narrator on Jane the Virgin, and in season 5 his identity will finally be revealed! Executive Producer Jennie Urman said that the secret will be revealed, “at the end of the series,” and is, “part of the last two scenes.”

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In other narrator news, it sounds like Jane Villanueva might be assuming the role of narrator in the upcoming Jane the Virgin spinoff show! This is still speculation, but check out our page on the spinoff show to learn more.