Jane The Virgin: Chapter 12 Review

On last night’s episode; Jane writes her father’s death scene on his telenovela and we learn who Sin Rostro is. Here’s our review…

On this week’s Jane the Virgin, Jane writes such a sweet death scene for her father, I might start watching The Passions of Santos and it’s not even a real show. Michael gets suspended from work but takes the Sin Rostro case into his own hands, and the biggest surprise of all; Petra make us start to like her… a little.

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We begin seeing what it’s like for Jane as the writer’s intern on her father’s telenovela. Judy Reyes is a perfectly cast guest star as Dina, the head of the show who is hooking up with Rogelio’s assistant Nicholas who is, naturally, conspiring against Rogelio. Dina tasks Jane with writing her father off of the show even though his name is in the title. Jane tries to encourage Rogelio to appeal to Dina in a humble fashion in order to stay on the show, and that goes about as well as you can imagine. “You can’t have The Passions of Santos without Santos. Then it’s just Passions. And that show failed!”


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The cast teased a death in tonight’s episode which didn’t happen until the end, but right before a commercial break Milos slit Petra’s throat in a super dramatic fashion and I forgot this was a telenovela for a second and totally bought it. When we came back from commercial it was revealed it was all fake blood and a creative ploy to trick Petra’s mother into standing up, proving that Magda was lying and manipulating Petra all along, so Petra kicks Magda to the curb where she belongs. Well played.


The writers did a great job of keeping us guessing who Sin Rostro was up until the very end. They pointed us towards Rafael’s father Emilio and sister Louisa. But in the final scene, their wife/mistress Rose pulled that rug out from under us when she buried Emilio in wet cement and then walked away like the bad ass she is.


  • “You are my flesh and blood. There is nothing you could do that is unforgivable to me.” – very sweet line delivered by Abuela Alba to a young Jane in a flashback scene that translated just as sweet as dialogue from Rogelio’s telenovela character to his TV son after his TV son stabs him to death on his own show.
  • We missed Xo in this episode! If we can’t have her singing “Milkshake” we at least want her to give up her fake chastity vow already!
  • Luisa is almost as manipulative as Petra. Man if those two got together… SPIN OFF SHOW!

I give this episode 5 out of 5 stars. I loved the caring scenes between Grandma Alba and young Jane, was totally tricked by Petra’s fake death, and genuinely happy they didn’t make Emilio Sin Rostro or try to pin it on Rafael. I’m glad Jane is being given a chance to live out her dream before the baby comes and love how supportive Rafael is of her and her choices. Jane’s scene with Rafael when she finally calls him Dad also got me all choked up… perfect episode in my book.

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5 out of 5