Jane The Virgin: Chapter 11 Review

In tonight’s Jane the Virgin; guess who’s coming to dinner? Rafael squares off with the Villanueva’s. Here’s our review…

On this week’s Jane the Virgin, Jane takes a little step forward in perusing both her writing career and her relationship with Rafael by defending him to her mother, and telling her ex-financé Michael to stop waiting for her.


We begin with a narrated flashback we’ve come to know and love where young Jane hears her Abuela and mom get in a fight and then writes her Abuela an apology letter from her mother, ending with “let’s never speak of this again.” We know this will come back to bite Jane in the butt later in the episode, but her intentions are always so pure you can’t help but root for her.

Jane then preps Rafael on facts about her mother and Abuela to try to get him to impress them at their first family dinner, which again we know, won’t go so well but we will watch Rafael wherever he goes so it really doesn’t matter.

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Toss up for me. It was fun watching Xiomara trying to resist the smoldering sexiness of Rogelio. She dressed like crap, piled garlic on pizza, and hallucinated seeing her mother in bed with them, watching her make out. I also liked the more frank conversation between Xiomara and Rafael when she goes to visit him at his hotel/home/penthouse, because I think it set up their conflict to play out well in the upcoming episodes.


Abuela Alba is so happy about her adult daughter’s newfound chastity that she opens her big mouth and spills the beans about pretending to be unconscious while Xiomara finished her prayer. We hope this means an end to this “40-yr-old Virgin” Xiomara because she’s not as fun as the “Milkshake” singing Xiomara.


  • “Why are you so afraid to have your pelvis touch mine.” – Rogelio to Xiomara after another ‘leave room for Jesus’ hug. I would have loved to been in the writer’s room brainstorm for alternate sentences.
  • So now all three Villanueva women abstinent? Zzzzzzzzz.
  • Brett Dier is getting considerably less screen time because his new romantic interest isn’t tied to the story at all. It’s too bad Rafael doesn’t have a straight sister…

I give this episode three out of five stars. It was my least favorite of the past 11 episodes, but they can’t all be knockouts. The car accident they put Jane in felt really forced and inconsequential. Also, it’d be great if Brett Dier had something to do other than sulk and tail Rafael as part of this ongoing investigation. I also just want more Rogelio. I have a feeling we’ll get more next week when Jane is asked to “write an episode” for him.

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3 out of 5