Jane The Virgin: Chapter 14 Review

Jane tells Rafael how she really feels and forces Rogelio and her mother to do the same in their own relationship. Here’s our review.

On this week’s Jane the Virgin, Jane’s feelings for Rafael get put to the test when she thinks he might be hiding his father, while Rafael and his sister’s relationship gets a bit more sticky when she gives her shares of the hotel to Petra, Rafael’s ex.

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Rafael makes a hushed call when Jane walks in, he shuts the door to a room in the hotel with a do-not-disturb sign on it that is not his room when Jane walks by, all the makings of some very suspicious activity, making Jane (and the audience) assume there is finally something not so charming about this Prince Charming. HOWEVER – it is all explained away and Rafael comes out smelling like a rose yet again (not that we mind).


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The “I love you” between Jane and Rafael felt very organic, heartfelt and romantic. A close second was Jane sitting her mother and father down and having them speak candidly about how they felt about each other, because up until now they were both trying to read between the lines of “do what makes you happy” instead of Xo telling Rogelio to stay and see where things go instead of leaving for Mexico to work.


After spending parts of the episode planning a baby shower and then declaring their love for each other, Rafael asks Jane to move in with him and her response is left in the “to be continued…” cliff hanger, along with how Petra will use her hotel shares to control Rafael and what Rogelio will do for work now that he turned down a big opportunity in Mexico.


  • Happy to see a lighter non-‘baby medical issue’ episode this week, but weird that they did act 100% like they weren’t thinking about it.
  • Rose and Luisa have some HAWT scenes and we hope they aren’t coming to an end!
  • Don’t think I forgot about Cheech Marin and Abuela Alba. I’m expecting big things next week!
  • “Hey Rogelio!” “Dad. You are locked into Dad now.” – I loved both times Rogelio corrected Jane into calling him Dad. Super sweet because she was the one who called him Dad in the first place last week!

I give this episode 5 out of 5 stars. I think all of Jane’s relationships are very grounded, especially given the nature of this show, which is hard to pull off. The Sin Rostro storyline was dragging a bit, but they managed to shake things up a bit with Rose asking Luisa to go away with her and Luisa giving her voting shares to Petra. I missed Abuela Alba but have a feeling she will have more to do next week, and I liked the “twin” twist of Roman Zazo – do you buy into it?


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5 out of 5