Haven: Survivors, Review

Is Haven losing its original premise or getting a new life?

So…the premiere of Haven left me intrigued.  How about you?

This is a pretty crappy time slot, 10 pm on a Friday night, but I don’t get out much. SOMEONE must be watching this show, right?

Stephen King fans? Hello?

Charred bodies are found around Haven, but who is to blame? Nice to know that Jordan blames Nathan for failing with the whole barn situation. Duke tells Nathan that Audrey must just still be out there somewhere, and as Will leaves, Lexie DeWitt is willing enough to load a handgun and fire it to save Will. The weird looking guy who showed up before returns, with backup, but Lexie is able to fend him off.

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Nathan’s hand is injured, and Jennifer tries to help, understanding that Nathan’s trouble is not feeling anything. In the meantime, Duke’s half-brother is happy to see him, despite all their family problems. Duke, however, is not as thrilled to see his brother staying in Haven and running the Grey Gull. It does, however, bring him closer to Jennifer, who was the first to hear his voice when Duke went into the barn. Will Jennifer be the one who keeps him away from “Audrey?” I mean, everyone was picking on him in the finale for being in love with Audrey, so have things changed?

On the other end, Lexie pulls a gun on Will, demanding to know why he is there…he tells her that if he gives her that information, she can never go back, or be the same person again.

Final review: Ok, why is “Audrey Parker” the one and only incarnation to take care of all the troubles in Haven? How is anyone going to convince Lexie she has to change the town’s fate? And why would she care? She’s working in a crappy little bar and no one knows where it is…so? And what does any of this have to do with the Colorado Kid, James Cogan, and his wife Arla? Is the original premise of the show going to be lost, or will the new direction give it some new life as a series?

Den of Geek Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars


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3 out of 5