Haven: Lost and Found, Review

Oh, there are plenty of Troubles to be had in Season 4, episode 4 of Haven!

A cute girl walks into a bar, meets a handsome stranger, and can’t leave due to supernatural circumstances.Ok, it’s not really a joke. After three episodes I was hoping Lexie and Will would go back to her place, for Pete’s sake, but turns out she can’t leave the bar she works in. That can only be one of two things: A nightmare job, or a Trouble. At this point, we don’t even know where the bar IS in relation to Haven, Maine, but I for one can’t wait to see Nathan’s reaction when he finally meets Lexie/Audrey/Sarah, his perpetually reincarnated love interest.Relationships in Haven are complicated.Anyway, tonight’s mystery centers around missing four year old children. (Again, same formula…main characters’ stories move along a bit while the police are on the case, trying to solve an unrelated crime.) The “bar” Lexie and Will are in is actually the “barn” from the previous season, and Lexie has to find the “real” door to get out. If she can’t find it, she will cease to exist…and this conversation is heard from afar by the newly arrived and Troubled Jennifer. She doesn’t do so well under pressure, so she and Duke end up doing a little yoga by the water in the hopes of helping her hear the voices again while Nathan goes off to crack the case with Dwight.During the search for the missing kids, Jordan shows up and actually shows some concern instead of being her usual bitchy self. The Teagues brothers trace the disappearances to an old legend about creepy, fanged older kids who steal the younger ones away, even if they’re under protection. After seeing one of these kids on surveillance video, I now believe this is a good episode for SyFy’s 31 Days of Halloween. Yikes.So, the principal of the nursery school has a Trouble caused by her stress over infertility, and she’s “taken” her three favorite kids. She’s hanging out in the forest with them, but they’re getting hypothermia and want to get home. Creepy moment: She keeps playing Ring Around the Rosie as one little girl lies on the ground freezing to death.Lexie finds her door and needs to take a “leap of faith,” according to Will. But if she does, will she be going back to Haven as Audrey, or Lexie? “Listen to the foghorn,” Will says, “and remember. It will help you find the door.”Really? Leap of faith? “Listen to the foghorn?” Let’s just bring Tony Robbins in here and do a firewalk, shall we?Jordan and the Guard follow Nathan to the “door” that only Jennifer can see…as soon as Lexie opens hers, someone should be able to open it. Then, Dave shows up brandishing a gun and saying it shouldn’t be opened…aaaaand we have another showdown. Both doors finally open, Nathan calls for Audrey, and Lexie makes the jump. SHAZAAAAAAAM!So, who will she be on the other side? According to Will, “You’ll be whoever you most want to be.” He also stays behind. Really? That’s it for Will? He didn’t even tell Lexie who he was or why he was there. And here I thought they were just going to hook up. I mean, Lexie was looking for one good man…And she returns as Lexie. Nathan tries to get her to kill him, but now that he’s not her one true love anymore and she doesn’t recognize him or know who Audrey is, things just got set back a little bit.Final review: I would have to say this is one of the hokiest episodes of Haven I’ve seen so far. Are things moving along? Yes. Does it have enough juice to last a full season, possibly even another? Yes. I’m glad to see the addition of Jennifer, but Will really wasn’t much help, claiming that Lexie had to find everything, do everything, etc. Luckily, she bought into it and ended up in Haven, much less freaked out than I expected. Nathan definitely needs to wake up and realize that the Audrey he loves may be gone forever.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!


2.5 out of 5