Haven: The Trouble With Troubles, Review

I'm all for diversions from a formula plot, but this is the most irritating and confusing episode of Haven I have seen.

Have the Troubles disappeared from Haven? Lexie hasn’t killed her one true love yet, who might be William. I have a feeling some confusion is going to ensue in this episode.

And, as asked on the Haven site, what’s up with the weird flower Will gave to Lexie, like a big ugly prom corsage?

The sign outside of town reads: “Haven, the Safest Town in Maine.” Um, what did it say before? Maybe I should look that up.

“The real question is,” Lexie asks Nathan, “who does William think I am?”

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Well, whoever it is, it doesn’t stop Nathan from banging her.

The next morning, Lexie wakes up to an all new Haven and goes walking up the road barefoot…whaa? And Duke is part of Haven PD? And Lexie says she’s Audrey Parker? And vandalism is the biggest crime in town? When Audrey talks to Vince and Dave, they say she’s just a homeless person. And the Troubles are gone.

What. The. Hell?

Nathan Hansen (Wuornos) is the doctor seeing Lexie? Has anyone noticed the numerous question marks I’m posting here?

And then William shows up. Whaaaaaaaa?

Twelve minutes into the show and my brain hurts.

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William, like Lexie, is immune to the Troubles. He wants Lexie back, but she has no interest. Will shows up at the Teagues’ place…

Lexie ends up getting arrested for the murder (first in 42 years!) of Vince and Dave Teagues. And the next murder has Crocker and Nathan meeting, for maybe the second time in the new Haven.

This is weird. Doesn’t anyone else find this really weird?

William shows up as Lexie’s lawyer. And admits to three murders. Will calls on Lexie to help him find the Troubled person, for her good, and “for your good, I will do whatever it takes,” he says. When Nathan’s family disappears, Will calls Nathan, asking to speak to Lexie.

Ok, so I was right about the confusion…

Cliff is the Troubled person…he shows up and gets killed, then Lexie wakes up from a dream…but she knows William is at large and responsible.

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Final review: This was by far the most irritating and confusing episode of Haven I have seen. Will tries to pull something about Lexie, when she doesn’t even know what it is…and she gets shot. Will has the same wound….but really? Alternate Haven when Lexie wakes up after a totally normal night? Sorry, but I don’t get it. I’m all for diversions from a formula plot, but this is going beyond the plausible.

Den of Geek Rating: 2 Out of 5 Stars


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2 out of 5