Haven: Lay Me Down, Review

A Halloween-themed episode with just a hint of Nightmare on Elm Street made up the bulk of "Lay Me Down's" charms.

What better way for Haven to celebrate Halloween than to have an episode reminiscent of A Nightmare on Elm Street? Some of the town’s residents are being attacked in their dreams and dying in real life. So who’s the Freddy Krueger responsible? On a side note, whenever I mention this show on Facebook or at work, someone admits that they watch it despite the crappy time slot. Either that or they have Netflix. Whatever…just glad someone is watching. It might be a formula series, but at least it has Eric Balfour. And someone please tell me that Jordan McKee is really dead. I never liked her.

Seems like Duke’s brother Wade is going to be a problem. Duke still wants him to leave, and he probably should, now that he’s killed someone. And Nathan gets pissy with Lexie, because she’s not Audrey. Well, that’s what reincarnation is all about, no?

Jennifer has applied for a job at the Haven Herald, mainly because the Teagues brothers need to know about the barn, since she can hear voices from within. Wade picks up a girl at a bar and bites her to get at her blood…ew. This is definitely a Halloween themed episode. Duke may be shady, but Wade is pure evil.

And whoa…Nathan is naked, and sleepwalking. He’s in class with Audrey as his teacher, and she says, “This will be a lesson you’ll never forget.” Then he wakes up. With a hard on. Nice.

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I would really like to know the official murder rate in Haven. I should be keeping track. It’s probably way higher than DC. And I love how Duke asks Wade about his knife…”I was gutting a fish.” *cough* named Jordan…

The Haven Herald connects all the recent murders. Dwight falls asleep, only to take a bullet and end up in the hospital, where Duke goes through all his stuff. He also finds Jordan, waaaay down in the water…after he finds out that his brother rented a boat in the area.

Sorry, but the murderers in this series really don’t do a lot to cover their tracks. Maybe they just enjoy killing other people. Meh, if so, at least they’re honest, right?

Delivery girl Carrie Benson is the source of the Trouble haunting people’s dreams. She wants to end the family curse so that no one else dies on her account, and Lexie is right there by her side. She succeeds, but then Wade attacks Jennifer, asking for her blood. Duke steps up to defend her, and says he will defend her if he has to. Which he does. So…Wade is dead now too?

Lexie sees a mark on Carrie’s back that no one else can see. Not sure what that is about, but back at Jennifer and Duke, his Trouble is gone. Poof…no more silver eye blood thing going on.

Most important line of the show: Lexie saying to Nathan, “At least you have the luxury of being one person.” Nathan’s response? “I don’t care who you are or what you are, I still love you.”

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Final review: Awwww…Nathan and reincarnation of Audrey are together again. Wade is dead, but in this crazy town, will there be any repercussions? Most likely not. People die in Haven all the time and folks barely bat an eye. If Wade is dead, will anyone investigate Jordan’s death? Prolly not.

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3 out of 5