Haven: Countdown review

More Troubled times in Haven.

So, what’s the Trouble in Haven tonight? We’re about halfway through the season and I still wonder why anyone lives in this town.

I also have to admit that I stopped reading most of Stephen King’s stuff years ago, so I’m out of the loop as far as references to his literature in the show are concerned. At least there’s more King in this series than there was in the entire movie Lawnmower Man.

And as far as Lexie is concerned…Nathan wants her to be Audrey, but she’s not. So, her killing her one true love to end the Troubles? I’m pretty sure Nathan’s not it. Is it her son? Maybe even Will? I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND…

*Ahem*  anyway…

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New Trouble…as soon as someone dies, an attack happens from the Troubled. Someone stays motionless after fifteen minutes. But suddenly Nathan calls Lexie “Audrey.” Um, huh? And Jordan thinks Lexie will kill Nathan? Oh sure, she’s going to just end the Troubles like that…uhh huhh. Jordan’s not as smart as she is pretty…

I’m telling you right now, “Audrey’s” “true love” is not Nathan. No one can make Lexie “fall in love” with him; she’s not supposed to.  DUH. That would make all of this far too easy.

Some guy named Paul is turning people to stone. Wade Crocker tries to get involved but leaves, while Lexie convinces Troubled Paul to ask his date out, stopping the clock on freezing people…again, following the formula, but then Wade steps in and stabs Paul for his blood.


Ok, I’m sorry, but WHY exactly do people live in Haven?

So, Jordan let Wade loose… and she releases Vince Teagues from captivity…what?  WHAT IS GOING ON???

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Nathan tells Lexie, “I’m glad you’re back,” and she asks why. Amazingly, she says that she loves him….ok, not what I was expecting. Nor was I expecting Jordan to be leaving town. Why exactly did she think Wade could end the Troubles?

Oh, and then Wade stabs her, trying to get her “plan” from her blood, but he actually KILLS her.

Final review: WHOA. Jordan is…dead? Really? I never liked the bitch, but this is still a shock. Especially coming from her lover. Well, she was a bit naive concerning Lexie/Audrey. So are a few others, I think, but things are definitely staying interesting in Haven.

Den of Geek Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars

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3 out of 5