Haven: Mortality Review

The Trouble is not over in Haven, something is seriously wrong with Duke. Here is our review.

There’s something seriously wrong with Audrey. There is also something seriously wrong with Duke. The latter’s “illness” is much more easily understood than the former’s. You see, Duke has somehow managed to align himself with Mara. This is going to end in heartbreak and despair because it looks like Duke wants to do Mara (and her uncanny resemblance to Audrey has nooothing to do with that, nope, I’m sure) and I have developed a sneaking suspicion (because I am a genius) that in some way Mara and Duke are related.

This would not be the first time Duke’s awkwardly had sexual chemistry with a relation — need I remind us all of us the awkward time Duke’s mom offered him sex in exchange for drugs? What a table web we weave when we are Duke’s relations, apparently. Blinded by his growing concern that Nathan and Dwight are no longer on his side, Duke and Mara are a team now. Albeit it, an ineffectual one. Still, it’s a potentially dangerous dynamic which I’d be more concerned about if the twosome didn’t inspire giggles whenever they got up to any hijinks.

Audrey’s illness is more interesting to me than whatever angst is brewing in the heart of Duke. It was initially easy to chalk up Audrey’s hacking cough to the contagion Trouble plaguing the town and threatening all of Haven’s safety by exposing their secrets. But, with the Trouble saved (thanks to a morally bankrupt Mara), Audrey’s illness can no longer be explained away by Nathan or by anyone else.

Audrey’s existential speculation this week was pretty dope. Her being all “wait…what if I’m not real?” made me very slowly sit up in my chair, knocking over an entire bowl of popcorn as I wondered aloud, “man what if I’M NOT REAL EITHER AHHHH!” because I am easily susceptible to logic of this kind. The upsetting thing about Audrey’s arguments against her own existence is that…they made a lot of sense. Nathan’s argument — that Audrey has to be real because he loves her — is the same argument I make for chocolate chip cookies being fat free and full of vitamins. But that doesn’t make it valid. Sadly.

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It was cool to see the super-creep Man in a Bear Suit Trouble from last week have some emotional payoff this week. As I’ve mentioned before, when the Trouble of the week scrapes at something below the surface for the primary cast members, that’s when the show really sings for me. This show does the exploitation of vulnerability really well — exhibit Dwight’s love for this woman who totally isn’t with the CDC. He quite literally laid himself (and the entire town!) bare before her not knowing that this was the worst possible choice he could make. It was like watching someone walk around naked and have no idea that they’ve got a poop smear on them – ten kinds of gross and awkward.

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4 out of 5