Haven: Reflections Review

This week's episode of Haven was a little baffling. Here's our review...

I knew it was coming, but that in no way meant that I was excited about the frantic, literally steamy coupling of Mara and Duke. Unfortunately, with not much more going on this week and a pedantic Trouble acting as a tongue-in-cheek reference towards conservative America, there weren’t many other facets of Haven that provided a necessary distraction. So watch Mara wrapping her legs around Duke’s Barbie-sized waist I must — and did. 

Since striking out on their own (actually, before that, when they split the booze and Duke disclosed painful secrets of his past) a sexy-time session between Duke and Mara was in the cards. That said, I was fairly certain that after Mara’s murder of a Troubled doctor last week that Duke would be spurred back towards the light and away from this woman and her crazed need for aether and working Thinny. The fact that he continues to trust Mara is galling to me — and illogical. I’ll do Duke a solid and chalk it up to his grief-stricken state. Because remember how he’s supposed to be grief-stricken? 

This week’s episode was baffling to me for a myriad of reasons. Namely, Audrey. For a character whose greatest fear seems to be her lingering fear that she’s not actually real, she didn’t do much to fight back against the void and prove her right to a space on this planet. Sure, she helped solve a Trouble, but whatever. Give me twenty minutes and maybe a glass of Chardonnay to warm me up, and I could solve a Trouble too, no big whoop. But that fact that Audrey is assiduously avoiding all interaction with Duke and Mara and letting Nathan (king of botching all things related to communicating with Duke) try and woo the dude back in the hopes of solving her illness makes no sense!

Also, outside of her own self interests, you’d think that Audrey would at least be, I don’t know, concerned that her friend is in a tremendous amount of pain? You’d think it would have occurred to Audrey if not to Nathan (whose obsession with Audrey we’re all used to making him short-sighted) that Duke is feeling overwhelmed, scared, and terrifically lonely. I feel like all Audrey had to do was show up with a pound cake and a smile and he would have dissolved into snotty, snotty tears thus saving him from the fate of having to make the beast with two backs with Mara. 

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I’m still curious to see how Mara’s (doubtless) long con will play itself out. That said, I’m far, far more curious about the CDC’s mysterious visit to Haven. We still have no idea who this lady doctor really is, and I love that. I also love that she’s been quietly taking all of their tissue samples and Vince hasn’t really done anything to stop that even though he knows she’s not who she claims to be. Whatever happens, here’s hoping it doesn’t involve Dwight getting his heart broken. Because there’s not enough ice cream and Adele in the world to soothe that big galoot. 

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3 out of 5