Haven: Crush Review

Haven continues it's fourth season with some impressive telekinetics.

I’m crushing your head…

 I’M CRUSHING YOUR HEEEEEAAAAAD…. (If my fellow geeks don’t remember where that came from, don’t worry…I’ll tell you at the end.) Needless to say, this week’s Trouble involves someone who can crush things from a distance with their mind. Next to super strength, this is probably my second favorite power. Just for fun, I might make up a list of people I would like to squash with my mind. Or I could just get a job as a bus driver. Sorry…Halloween lingers on. Jennifer is trying to track down her biological family in Haven (turns out she’s a native). And Nathan can still feel Lexie’s touch, as a reincarnation of Audrey. Vince doesn’t seem to get that Nathan and Lexie are, um, busy getting it on and falling in love, without him even knowing. Aaaand, Duke is planning on leaving the town. He thinks he’s “the schmuck who keeps helping everyone else,” but isn’t that a step up from the person he used to be? Somehow, people on land are getting the bends, and suffering from other pressure changes that normally happen underwater. Could it have anything to do with the horseshoe crab with goofy human eyes? Or is Jack Driscoll, a deep sea diver, finally developing his own Trouble? Yup. He may not believe it, but he has, and everything is about to change…the Troubles don’t seem to be following the rules anymore, which means this show just got a little less predictable. I like it. An outsider is spreading Troubles, giving them to people who have never had them before. Interesting. Jack’s brother Aidan has it too, and can do the same crushy thing with his mind, killing a female cop, which is…not good. The Trouble is marked by a handprint on the back, which Carrie Benton had when her Trouble spread and killed people in their sleep. Duke killing Jack is supposed to stop the Trouble, but, sure, you just go ahead and kill a friend? “In Haven you always lose,” Duke says, “so why even bother trying?” Well, ok, he does have a point. Jennifer goes to the last house on her list of adoptive parents, only to be followed by the GOOFY EYED CRAB. Lexie, Nate and Duke don diving suits to go investigate a high pressure system. Somehow, mysteriously, Nathan’s line has a leak, so he and Duke leave while Lexie talks Aidan out of his Trouble. Next thing you know, Duke and Jennifer are back on the boat, sailing off, making out…um, whaaa? Wasn’t she looking for her family? Crab? Bueller? Anyone? The Teagues brothers show up while Jennifer is showing Duke her parents’ belongings (not interrupting anything, no). They happen to bring up horseshoe crabs…human eyes…yeah. The salvation, according to legend, will be their doom…so Lexie killing Nate is not going to produce the desired results. Unfortunately, there’s a gunshot at the very end. Final review: So, we have to wait another week to find out what happened. I’m not understanding the crab with human eyes thing. I realize it’s part of a legend but…weird. And even though Duke might still see himself as an asshole, he’s crucial to the survival of the town, even if he killed his brother (which was for the sake of the town). I see that the writers are trying to put a twist on the Troubles instead of following the usual formula, which may be a step forward for the show, maybe even carrying it into a fifth season.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!


3.5 out of 5