Doctor Who Companion Races Against Time in New British Superhero Series

Get ready for grounded superpowers show Supacell

The cast of Netflix's Supacell (trailer screengrab)
Photo: Netflix

The timing is perfect for Michael and Dionne. They’ve got a home, a car, each other and their whole lives ahead of them. Until out of nowhere, Michael develops superpowers and is tasked with an urgent mission to save Dionne’s life.

Michael, played by former Doctor Who companion Ryan actor Tosin Cole, isn’t the only Black Londoner suddenly afflicted with super-abilities. Four other unrelated people have also had their lives turned upside down by glowy-eyed trips to the future, and it’s up to Michael to unite them to change the course of fate. Can he do it in time to save Dionne?

That’s the question set by the very first teaser for Netflix’s six-episode fantasy drama Supacell:

Created by Blue Story creator Rapman (Andrew Onwubolu), and starring The Responder and Timewasters’ Adelayo Adedayo with The Power’s Eddie Marsan, Nadine Mills, and more, Supacell was filmed in summer 2022 and is finally due to arrive on Netflix in June 2024.

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Think grown-up British drama in the Misfits, The Power and Heroes vein, but specifically exploring Black British perspectives on the superpower genre.

Speaking to Deadline in August 2022 Rapman explained where his show would differ from Marvel and DC superpower stories:

“If I got powers, my first thing wouldn’t be to go and buy a spandex outfit. I was thinking ‘What can I use my powers for to put my family in a better position?’ As much as I love Marvel and DC you know it’s going to work out in the end but in our story you just don’t know what’s going to happen because it’s a grounded superpowers show. They are hero characters but they’re all very flawed.”

Count us in.

Supacell arrives on Netflix in June 2024.