Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie Have a Post Credits Scene?

Before you ask whether The Super Mario Bros. Movie has an after end credits scene, remember this is a movie released in 2023.

Super Mario Bros. Movie
Photo: Nintendo and Universal Pictures

This Super Mario Bros. article contains spoilers.

There’s no denying that Nintendo and Universal Pictures’ The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a visual feast, especially for those fans who love easter eggs. Yes, the movie is absolute jam-packed with callbacks and references, down to the tiniest details that populate the Mushroom Kingdom and all the other colorful, magical lands beyond it. From fire flowers that sprout from the grassy plans beyond Princess Peach’s home to a pack of multi-colored Yoshis prancing around in a blink-and-you’ll miss it cameo to the DK Rap and blue shells terrorizing Rainbow Road, there are tons of nods to Mario’s past adventures.

Easter eggs and nostalgia bait aren’t the only modern blockbuster trends you’ll find in the animated film, either. In 2023, it’s basically mandatory for your big tentpole movie to end with a post-credit scene or two, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie doesn’t disappoint on that front. Once you’ve sat through the film’s breezy story and the Mario Bros. have saved both the Mushroom Kingdom and Brooklyn, the credits thank you with not one but two bonus scenes.

The first scene is just an encore of an earlier gag. While the Bowser of the movie, played by Jack Black, is every bit the evil King Koopa we’ve come to know and love from the games, he’s also a bit of a romantic. We learn that he’s not just out to conquer all the other kingdoms in his plane of reality. This Bowser is also hoping to finally find true love. In fact, Bowser’s crush on Peach is what drives him to attack the Mushroom Kingdom in the first place. His very creepy plan (probably shouldn’t be showing this to kids) in the movie involves basically blackmailing Peach into marrying him or else he’ll destroy her city and kill all her people. It’s pretty messed up and thankfully goes horribly wrong for the villain.

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But Bowser’s crush is also results in one of the best moments in the film: Black playing the piano and belting out a love song for Peach with a refrain that goes “Peaches Peaches Peaches I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove you!” It’s a terrible song but should get your kids cackling the couple of times the movie returns to the joke, including in the first post-credit scene. Once defeated and shrunk by a magic mushroom, Princess Peach imprisons him. But that’s not stopped him from performing the song one last time for the Toad guards in attendance. Mercifully, one of the Toads finally tells him to shut up, but surely this won’t be the last time we hear Bowser sing for the love of his life?

The second post-credit scene is the mandatory sequel bait moment that basically sets up the arrival of another major Nintendo character. The scene is only a few seconds long but its message is clear: as we watch a white and green egg hatch, we know for sure that our beloved Yoshi is finally coming to the Mushroom Kingdom after completely missing out on Mario’s first adventure. In other words, if this first Mario movie completely hits it out of the park at the box office, you’re guaranteed to get Yoshi and maybe even a visit to Yoshi’s Island in a big sequel. It’s like how Super Mario World on the SNES was followed by Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island four years later. But don’t expect the wait for The Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel to be quite that long. If this thing becomes a box office hit, you can bet Illumination, Universal Pictures, and Nintendo will get to work on the next one.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out in theaters now.