Link Tank: Stream These Horror Movies FREE on Crackle in October

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The latest episode of POPPED CULTURE powered by Crackle features five *killer* titles. Satisfy your spooky season fix by catching horror favorites Train to Busan, Silent Scream, When A Stranger Calls, and The Blob on Crackle this month. Host Aaron Sagers and guest Chris Woolsey also discuss a bonus title, John Carpenter’s iconic slasher Halloween, which is streaming for FREE on RedBox.

Additional spooky season titles streaming on Crackle this month include: V/H/S, Dahmer, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Lake Placid 2, and more. Check them out here.

Watch Episode 3 of Popped Culture: Spooky Season Edition below.

Simon Pegg reveals that he believes She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is the best thing Marvel has crafted since Avengers: Endgame.

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“The Marvel Cinematic Universe is such a part of pop culture that everyone has an opinion on it whether they tune in or not. This is before even accounting for those Gamergate/gatekeeping-style, reactionary YouTube channels that offer more dialogue per upload than a single entire MCU movie or season. Simon Pegg doesn’t fall into that whatsoever, but did have some more than kind words about what he sees as ‘the best thing Marvel’ve done since Endgame.'”

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Black Adam composer Lorne Balfe attempted to score his theme to compliment the movie’s star, Dwayne Johnson.

“Memorable music can make or break any movie, but especially one with superheroes. If a superhero movie has the right music, it can live on forever. If it doesn’t, even a great movie might not feel as important. Which category Black Adam falls into is still up for debate, but the music does its job, and then some. You’ll be humming it when you exit the theater with a 100% chance it’ll appear again in future DC films.”

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The developing company behind the Bayonetta games has issued a statement regarding their lead voice actress.

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“The story behind the casting of the lead voice acting role for the third game in the Bayonetta series has been a complete mess, involving allegations of terrible pay, conflicting accounts, and non-disclosure agreements. In an attempt to put the whole thing to bed, the developers of the title, PlatinumGames, have tonight issued a statement.”

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If you ever run into one of these celebrities, maybe don’t ask them for an autograph.

“Celebrity autographs serve two purposes. They can provide tangible proof you once captured the attention of a famous individual, and they can be profitable if you opt to resell them to collectors. (In 2014, someone who really loved Charles Dickens purchased a signed copy of A Tale of Two Cities for nearly $400,000.) Either way, there’s usually a feeding frenzy for them when celebrities step out in public.”

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Den of Geek Events Calendar!

Join Den of Geek as we support the following events during our “Spooky Season.” Learn more about: 

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Brooklyn Horror Film Festival (Brooklyn, NY)

Ethereal Horror Festival (Austin, TX)

Phantom Fest (Austin, TX)