Link Tank: Crackle Holiday Season Streaming Guide

Discover some exciting titles coming to Crackle this December, how Birds of Prey was edited on HBO Max, some weird glitches in the new Pokémon game, and more in Link Tank!

Lion, Outbreak, and more fantastic titles that Crackle has to offer, streaming this Holiday season!

“Free streaming network Crackle announces new exclusives, movies, and series for December, including Crackle’s original Outbreak. Crackle’s mix of Hollywood blockbusters, award-winning indies, classic TV, and hand-picked exclusive and original content is always free.”

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Sure, it’s not as good as the original Jurassic Park, but The Lost World: Jurassic Park deserves your respect.

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“Steven Spielberg is no stranger to wonder. Many of the director’s most memorable films leave audiences in a great state of awe. Just remember the first time you saw Elliott soar through the sky on his bike with an extra-terrestrial named E.T, or when Sam Neill’s Dr. Alan Grant staggered out of his vehicle at the sight of a brontosaurus in the sci-fi classic Jurassic Park.”

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HBO Max accidentally released an edited TV version of Birds of Prey, and its censorship is hilarious.

“Fans were dismayed this weekend when they noticed that HBO Max was streaming a censored version of the film. Cathy Yan’s film now features the warning, ‘This film has been modified as follows from its original version: it has been edited for content.’ The filthy jokes were scrubbed with replacements, Renee Montoya’s ‘I shave my balls for this’ t-shirt was blurred, and several violent scenes were excised from the cut.”

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Ivanna Sakhno has joined the cast of the Star Wars Ahsoka series on Disney+, but who is she playing?

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Star Wars producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are hard at work prepping their next streaming show, Ahsoka and have added a relatively unknown actress to the cast in a mystery part. Deadline reports that Ukrainian actress Ivanna Sakhno, who previously appeared in Pacific Rim Uprising and the High Fidelity TV show, has come aboard. And while there’s no official word on who she could be playing, we have a wild guess.”

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Hit Hulu series Pen15 will not be returning for another season, but it’s actually for reasons you might not expect.

“It’s very common for TV shows to end unexpectedly, with networks cuttings things short before anyone can put together a proper finale (thereby necessitating the consistently ill-conceived revival on a streaming service), but it’s rare for the network to say ‘we’d like more’ and the creators of the show to respond with a ‘nah, we’re good.'”

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Pokémon’s remakes of Diamond and Pearl have an interesting glitch, causing classic pocket monsters’ names to get switched around.

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“The latest batch of Pokémon games, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, are experiencing a handful of silly glitches. While the duplication glitch is something players are exploiting to their advantage, there are another glitchy issue players are encountering that is just plain weird: seeing their monsters’ nicknames replaced with something else entirely.”

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