Joker 2 Set Photos Deliver First Look at Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn Costume

We finally have our first look at Lady Gaga in her Harley Quinn costume for Joker: Folie a Deux!

Lady Gaga
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Joker: Folie Deux is deep into production now, filming across Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York City. It’s in the Big Apple that we’re finally getting our first look at Lady Gaga‘s Harley Quinn costume and makeup, thanks to quite a few photos leaked from the set.

Unsurprisingly, the Joker-verse take on the classic Batman villain has a slightly more stripped down, grounded look. You likely won’t get Lady Gaga running around Gotham City in a full-on red, black, and white motley in this movie but the costume does at least retain the character’s original color scheme introduced in Batman: The Animated Series.

You can check out the pics below:

Gaga’s Harley dons minimal eye makeup and red lipstick for the look, complemented by long bleached hair and what looks like a safety pin as an earring. The character ties the look together with a black-and-white checkered blouse, red jacket, black skirt, and patterned stockings. It’s certainly a departure from DC’s other big-screen Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and The Suicide Squad. The fact that the film is allegedly a musical should help separate Gaga’s take on the character from the DCEU version even further.

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While we can’t say exactly what’s happening in the scene being filmed in NYC, we can make an educated guess. Judging from the GCPD officers surrounding and escorting Gaga’s Harley down courthouse steps filled with demonstrators holding up picket signs, it seems a crowd has gathered to protest outside of Arthur Fleck’s trial. One protestor is holding up a “Joker, marry me!” sign, while others brandish crosses and scythes. Unsurprisingly, many are wearing clown makeup.

It seems clear that, even though Arthur’s in custody, the unrest sparked by his actions in the first film persist in Gotham City in the sequel, with Harley as one of his biggest defenders, hyping up the crowd as she’s escorted by police.

One interesting detail was captured from inside an extras tent: a protest sign that reads, “Dent is a clown.” The Dent in question is very likely Harvey Dent, who will one day be transformed into the criminal mastermind known as Two-Face. But in Joker: Folie a Deux, it’s more likely he’s the Gotham City district attorney who is prosecuting Arthur for his crimes. Whether that case will lead to Harvey’s transformation or if it’s just a fun easter egg remains to be seen. We’ve yet to hear who’s been cast as the character, although Brendan Gleeson, Jacob Lofland, and Harry Lawtey have all joined the sequel in undisclosed roles.

Videos from the set have also made their way online. The footage shows both Harley making her way down the courthouse steps and the ensuing protests:

We know that, while Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur might be spending a bit of his time at Arkham State Hospital in the sequel, he’ll eventually hit the streets of Gotham once again to cause some more chaos. When the time comes, there’s no doubt Harley will be by his side.

Joker: Folie a Deux hits theaters on Oct. 4, 2024.

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