Xbox Series S Design Memes Include Washing Machines and Boomboxes

If you thought that the internet wouldn't immediately react to the Xbox Series S design by unleashing a flood of memes, you thought wrong...

Xbox Series S
Photo: Microsoft

The reveal of the Xbox Series S is about so much more than the console itself.

As the first next-gen console with a confirmed price point and release date, the Xbox Series S’ has provided a practical idea of the costs of next-gen gaming as well as a definitive date for when we can expect to buy (or at least try to buy) next-gen hardware. At a time when many were wondering if the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 would even be released by the end of the year, its reveal essentially helps set the stage for the next 5+ years of gaming.

It’s only natural, then, that this significant event has already been translated into the language of the internet: memes.

Actually, the memeification of the Xbox Series S began in earnest when the Xbox team sent out this tweet:

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Posted shortly after the Xbox Series S was essentially leaked in full via social media outlets, this reaction from the Xbox team elegantly summarizes the entire Xbox Series S reveal process. The Xbox Series S has been the worst kept secret in gaming for quite some time now, but we imagine it was still awkward for the Xbox team to watch as their next-gen console was spoiled in full just hours before its official reveal.

Generally speaking, though, the bulk of Xbox Series S memes have focused on the console’s unique design. While this writer actually likes the design of the next-gen console, it’s hard to deny that comparisons such as this one are shockingly accurate:

Yes, the Xbox Series S cooling vent (at least that’s what it seems to be) does open it up to washing machine comparisons, but, as many were quick to point out, that particular design feature also genuinely makes the Xbox Series S resemble am 80’s-style boombox:

Speaking of speakers, some are already wondering if that front vent may actually double as a way to “speak” to your Xbox and request certain commands. At the moment, that doesn’t seem to be the case, but many fans were quick to suggest that the Xbox Series S’ design is uniquely suited to handle a specific kind of vocal order:

Fair enough, but surely there’s no way that anyone could compare the Xbox Series S design to something as ridiculous as a villain from a beloved kid’s show, right?

Ok, internet, you win this round. The Xbox Series S’ design does open it up to a world of memes which are, for the most part, pretty much justified.

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Yet, there are legitimately quite a few positive things you can say about the design of this console. Its minimalist looks compliment its stripped-down functionality, it certainly shouldn’t struggle with heating issues if that is indeed its primary cooling vent, and you’ve got to respect how Microsoft actually bothered to design two largely different consoles rather than just ship the Xbox Series S as a Series X without the disc drive.

So while the Series S may indeed be a washing machine boombox, it might also be the washing machine boombox you turn to when you start thinking about upgrading to the next generation of gaming without breaking the bank.