Xbox Series S Referenced in Leaked Xbox Controller Photos

Leaked photos of an Xbox Series X controller hint that Microsoft is working on another next-gen console.

Photo: Microsoft

Twitter user Zak S claims to have purchased an early edition of an Xbox Series X controller which seemingly reveals the existence of a currently unconfirmed console known as the Xbox Series S.

The photos, which The Verge has verified are authentic, include a shot of the controller’s manual which states that it is compatible with the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and the aforementioned Xbox Series S. Interestingly, Microsoft has also not confirmed that there will be a white Xbox Series X controller, but obviously, that’s not the biggest story here.

While various outlets and individuals have reached out to Microsoft for confirmation of the upcoming controller, the absolute validity of this leak, and any details regarding the Xbox Series S, Microsoft has not released an official statement regarding any of those matters as of this time.

Of course, those who have been following Microsoft’s next-gen plans over the last year or so know that this is hardly the first time that we’ve heard about the Xbox Series S. In fact, some of the earliest rumors regarding the next-gen Xbox suggested that the Series S and Series X could be revealed at roughly the same time. Obviously, that proved not to be the case.

Basically, early reports suggested that the Xbox Series S would be to the Xbox Series X what the Xbox One S was to the Xbox One X. In other words, the Series X would be the “premium” console while the Series S would offer more of a “budget” alternative.

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However, it’s important to note that the Xbox One S was released ahead of the Xbox One X and was largely treated as the standard model for that generation of Xbox platforms. Given that Microsoft has already confirmed the Xbox Series X, it feels like they intend to treat the Series X as their standard next-gen console.

So what does that make the Xbox Series S? We’re still waiting for the official details regarding the nature of that still currently rumored console, but the popular theory at the moment is that the Series S may be Microsoft’s all-digital next-gen console. What’s interesting about that, though, is that Microsoft recently discontinued the all-digital Xbox One, which casts some doubt on how successful that idea really was. Nevertheless, that feels like the most likely explanation at this time, unless the Series S is some kind of Project xCloud/Game Pass delivery device.

In any case, we’ll bring you more information about the Xbox Series S as soon as it becomes available.